You’re Never Too Far From A Cyprus Coffee At Nicosia City Centre Hotels!


Cyprus coffee culture, it is said, may be tasted at it’s most vital and life-affirming in Nicosia. Where else would you taste the ultimate Turkish coffee than in the city of the Green Line! Or a Cyprus coffee, which is a variation of Greek or Turkish coffee, made with 2-3 tea spoons of finely ground robusta beans and 50ml of water.

Wherever you’re staying – overnight in one of the many Nicosia city centre hotels or booked in for a mini-break at a more boutique style of luxury hotel in Nicosia – seeking the perfect roasted coffee bean is bound to be on most visitor’s Mediterranean bucket lists.

You’re never too far from its rich heady aroma as you take a leisurely stroll through the pedestrianised streets of the Cyprus capital.  There are hundreds of coffee shops right across the island, and in a main urban area you are likely to see more than half a dozen clustered together in a single thoroughfare, such as Onasagorou Street. Another notable spot includes the Engomi area where, set back and running parallel to the Griva Digeni dual carriage way, are five coffee shops on parade.

Time-honoured ritual

The drinking of a cup of Cyprus coffee – traditionally served in small cups  along with the glass of cold water and usually sipped slowly – is a time-honoured ritual in the traditional village coffeeshop “kafenios”. Today, the local inhabitants still gather to drink the island’s signature coffee, exchange news, chat and play cards or the ever-present game of backgammon.

There are actually four ways of brewing Cyprus coffee – ‘sketo’, or plain, is the traditional coffee without sugar, while ‘metrio’ is coffee with one teaspoon of sugar always added during brewing. ‘Gliko’ is a very sweet coffee made with two teaspoons of sugar. Finally, the well-known ‘frappé’ – is a cold instant coffee (usually Nescafe) made with ice, whipped milk cream, water and sugar.

Speciality coffee-drinking scene

However, emerging on the southern side of Nicosia is a new speciality coffee-drinking scene, which often involves hand-roasted, artisan preparation. Other popular processes include the “Cold Drip” – a more intense and concentrated immersion technique, mixing coffee and water that’s left to ‘brew, or the “Pour Over” – slightly cooled boiling water poured over coffee grounds in a filter that makes no contact with the finished brew.

Whatever the preferred way of taking coffee, traditional or new, there will be a chair in a Nicosia café waiting for its next cultural adventurer to partake of the timeless elixir.

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