Wine Bars in Nicosia That You Should Visit

One of the things that Cypriots do best is drink wine. After all, they believe it to be a remedy of sorrow and something that brings happiness. Cyprus is a paradise for wine lovers. The country is home to several villages that mainly produce wine. Every year, a massive wine festival is held in Limassol, the country’s wine capital. Despite all this, Nicosia is another city that has a range of interesting wine bars. Here are some of the wine bars that you should pay a visit to the next time you are in Nicosia:


Vino Cultura Wine Bar

This is a great place for both wine experts and newbies to go to. Not only do they offer you wine tasting opportunities, they will also educate you about wines that you may not have heard of before. You will be provided with a selection of almost thirty wines by the glass that are stored in the temperature-controlled cellars. Do not be afraid to ask the servers for advice should you be new to the wine industry.  All of the waiters here are well-trained and able to walk you through the menu. To maximize your experience, order some tapas that are specially prepared to be paired with the wine. Vino Cultura also holds wine seminars periodically. If you wish to attend, keep an eye out for an announcement on their social media pages.


Barrique Wine and Deli

If you want to taste wine in an environment that isn’t too stuffy and pretentious, Barrique Wine and Deli is the place for you. During the day, it operates as a typical deli. When the night comes, it turns into a wine bar with a list of affordable wine ranging from 3 to 7 euros per glass. They offer a wine and cheese platter, but you can also order a full meal to eat if you’re more than peckish.


Il Bacaro

When you look into Il Bacaro from the outside, you would never think that this corner bistro would sell wines. However, don’t forget – this is Nicosia we’re talking about. Wines are sold everywhere, including at this small bistro. The venue is decorated with low lighting to create a warm, romantic atmosphere. Il Bacaro is a perfect place for friends and family to get together and enjoy a few drinks. It is situated in a residential area and is immensely popular among the locals. This wine bar also offers authentic Italian food to complete your casual night out.


The Winery Wine Bar and Cellar

Although the place is small, don’t let the size fool you because the prices on their menu are not considered cheap. You will be given a long wine list full of options freshly produced just behind the bar. The equipment and winemaking process are on display, and you will get an entirely new experience of wine tasting. There is also an extensive collection of local and foreign wines for you to choose from. Their house wine is available by the glass. If you fall in love with it, it will soon be available by the bottle later this year. Like any other restaurant, the winery offers a variety of tapas, assorted platters, and main dishes. What makes this place stand out from other wine bars is not its food, however, but the astonishing architect inside the winery. While you are waiting for your food and wine, you will find yourself in a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy stone walls, glass doors, and perfect lighting around the bar.


Silver Star Wine Bar

If you want to experience a natural, low-intervention wine with no additives, Silver Star can provide you just that. Although they only have wines on the menu, you can order cheese and charcuterie platters from Kantina, the deli next door, to pair with your glass. Keep in mind that the venue has mostly outdoor seating so be sure that you dress appropriately according to the weather.

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