Why Boutique Hotels are Becoming a Must for Business Travellers

The businesses of today are no longer restricted to the boardroom. Business now takes place over coffee meets, at a stylish cocktail bar, or even during lunch in the calm ambiance of a quiet restaurant. Such an environment coupled with personalized services, sophisticated décor, and a productive vibe is something all business travellers will appreciate. It takes away the stressful, claustrophobic, and mundane environment of a meeting room. Boutique hotels offer a lot more. Unlike standard chain hotels, these hotels have scenic surroundings, lavish food, and trendy décor to make your business trip memorable.

boutique hotel in Nicosia

Choices of Business Travelers are Changing

Staying in a boutique hotel is much more rewarding compared to many other places of lodging. Businessmen are often already tired and worn out from work and just need to be in a relaxing environment when they are out of their offices. Boutique hotels have just the right services that allow people to conduct business as well as relax during their spare time. These hotels have placed themselves in the hotel industry as business-focused accommodations. Moreover, these hotels are a great place to celebrate, make memorable experiences, and immerse yourself in the local culture, rather than just working.


Here are the most significant reasons why business travelers prefer a boutique hotel:


  1. Availability of Required Technology

There are some amenities that are essential to conducting business smoothly.  However, most chain hotels lack amenities such as adequate space to work, a Wi-Fi connection, comfortable bed, clean bathroom, sumptuous food, and a convenient location. The most desired feature is the WiFi connectivity. Even though a lot of hotels have Wifi, boutique hotels have WiFi that is tailored for work. So if you want to send emails, talk to colleagues and clients over Skype, or collaborate in real time, you can do that without any disturbances. Moreover, these hotels also usually have large screens that you can use for video conferences. Other features that you can expect are fax and printing services. You may also get access to public computers stations. This makes boutique hotels ideal for business.


  1. Affordable Yet Trendy

Boutique hotels are extremely affordable and still sport a modern décor. Their rates are often similar to standard hotels. Along with that, you also get cocktail bars and lobbies. These tend to have an intimate and relaxed environment with soothing music and beautiful artwork. The rooms also tend to be decorated with modern designer furniture. The type of atmosphere creates an environment of relaxation after a day of work and business meetings.


  1. Caters to the Needs of the Company

One of the primary reasons why boutique hotels are becoming the first choice of business travellers is because they aim to meet all the specific needs of travellers of any particular company. Corporate managers can book such hotels with their requirements stated during the reservations. This ensures that the requirements of the travellers are met and no one is disappointed. Forward-thinking companies choose boutique hotels when they need to meet their clients so that the clients are impressed by the taste and style of the company.


  1. Personalized Services

Boutique hotels have staff trained in fostering good relationships with their guests. They offer speedy services with almost no waiting time. They also pay extreme attention to detail. The hotel workers understand the needs and the requirements of the guests. They offer personalized services to guests, which is one of the features that let boutique hotels stand out from the crowd. Personalized services allow guests to be comfortable even when they are far away from familiar surroundings.


  1. A Desirable Unpredictability

In most chain hotels, people know what to expect. This makes the hotels mundane and boring. Boutique hotels have a certain degree of unpredictability in their daily routine, making it fun to live in these places. They have unique décor, fanciful quirks, and complete personalities that make it stand out. You can spend the evening sipping herbal tea at the garden by the koi pond or be welcomed into a room lit up with scented candles. The food is also different than what you get at standard hotels. With these unique features, boutique hotels guarantee a stress-free business trip.


Bottom Line

Selecting the right accommodation makes all the difference in your business trip. Boutique hotels have everything that office space should have while being a place for modern accommodation. So if you are making plans for your next business trip, make sure that you pick one of these hotels to make the most out it!


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