The Best Nicosia Accommodation – Distinctive Identity and Memorable Experiences!

The Best Nicosia Accommodation - Distinctive Identity and Memorable Experiences!

Why stay in a boutique hotel? Are they so different from any other small, independent hotel or even in some cases, a chain hotel? All questions that can be asked by anyone thinking of booking best Nicosia accommodation, even it’s only a single room for a couple of nights. The redefinition of the guest ‘experience’ continues to transform the meaning of ‘luxury’ accommodation and the best hotels in Nicosia reflect this dynamic, ongoing trend.

Global hospitality research services, HVS, report that more than half of the world’s hotels are still dominated by large chain brands, and a handful such as the Hilton or the Marriott supply around one in three rooms. Nevertheless, the global traveller increasingly opts for the ‘personalised’ experience. In 2017, the boutique hotel sector grew by 7 per cent, actually outstripping on average, the high-end hotel (The Boutique Hotel Report, STR Global).

A new cohort of the culturally curious

By understanding the individual needs of their guests, each with their own different and sometimes demanding travel schedule, the independent boutique hotel is ‘customer focused’ to provide unique, personalised comfort and relaxation. Since its inception three decades ago, the boutique age of distinctive identity, themed design and décor has whetted the appetite for ‘memorable experiences’ and created a new cohort of the culturally curious.

The explorer traveller is now a ‘state of mind’, even if embarked on a standard business trip. Typically consisting of between 10 and 100 rooms in unusual or unexpected settings, the boutique hotel has the flexibility to be both ‘upscale’ and offer individualised, unique facilities as compelling selling points. From hotel reception to guest room, restaurant, bar, spa and beyond, every attention to design detail and amenity intends to fascinate and satisfy.

The trouser press and 14in TV are no longer enough

It’s no coincidence, therefore, that many of the large global hotel chains have increasingly turned to offering their own boutique style brand facilities as an alternative to the outdated, dull and uninspiring, standard issue rooms. The trouser press, mini bar and 14in TV are no longer enough! As in many areas of modern human existence, technology is increasingly an essential part of any hospitality service. The concept of the ‘intelligent’ room has already begun with the essential fast internet / WiFi connection.

Inspiring boutique hotel experiences get themselves noticed too. One guest’s quiet personal moment of discovery and joy can often be shared among countless numbers on social media. From an unusual room decoration or a stunning balcony view to a local cocktail mix or individual buffet dish. Ultimately, people choose to go boutique because of the service dedication to guest care and attention.


Redefining the guest ‘experience’
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