Why You Should Stay in a Boutique Hotel in Nicosia

Boutique hotels are rapidly growing in popularity. If you live in a big city, chances are it seems like new ones are popping up every week! Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of boutique hotels and why people choose to stay in them. If you don’t really know what exactly it is, however, you’ve come to the right place.


Although the idea of temporary accommodation has been around for quite some time, boutique hotels are relatively recent. They were created to answer to a growing demand for a personalized accommodation experience while traveling. In this day and age, people no longer just look for a functional place to stay the night. Hotel chains are no longer as popular. Instead, people look for boutique hotels so that they can enjoy a quality, comfortable experience without feeling like they’re staying in one of the hundreds of cookie-cutter rooms. A hotel is no longer just a place where you sleep – it’s part of your adventure. Boutique hotel owners take pride in attention to detail. They differentiate themselves with incredible service and high-quality amenities.

There are a number of things about boutique hotels that appeal to the traveler. Trendy design, a distinctive style, and convenience are definitely some. Boutique hotels pride themselves on offering what brand name hotel chains don’t – a personalized experience just for you. Whether this is in design, in customer service, or in the food you enjoy in the breakfast nook, you’ll be in for an experience that is out of the ordinary. Since most boutique hotels have well under a hundred guest rooms, the staff are able to get to know their guests and try their best to cater to every whim.


Here are five reasons why you should try staying in a boutique hotel.

They offer a personalized experience
There are usually anywhere from three to fifty rooms in a boutique hotel, although some have up to a hundred. Staff members are trained to offer an individualized experience and will remember your name. You won’t just be “the people staying in 15b” – you’ll be you.


They’ll pleasantly surprise you with little things
There’s always something special to enjoy in a boutique hotel. You’ll never know exactly what to expect. Small pleasant surprises such as chocolates on your pillow and board games in the rec room will be there at every corner. There’s always going to be something special about a boutique hotel.

They’re situated in convenient locations
Since boutique hotels are considerably smaller compared to large chain hotels, they’re usually located in little nooks and crannies of the city where you can conveniently get around. Want a cozy place of lodging in the heart of the bustling city? A boutique hotel is where you should be headed.

They integrate plenty of art and culture
Want to experience some authentic art and culture in your travel destination? Why not begin the experience at your hotel? Most boutique hotels integrate historical details into their decor, accents, lighting, and more. It’s a lot more than a place to stay the night.


They want you to enjoy a unique stay
You’ll never have quite the same experience in a boutique hotel. They’re created to be unique, after all. Don’t settle for the same stay at the Holiday Inn every time you go on vacation. With a boutique hotel, every stay will be special!

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