Small Details That Will Enhance Your Boutique Hotel in Nicosia

Any hotel can look great, but for those who pay great attention to detail, it is much better to have smaller details that tie together the whole aesthetic of the environment. You want your boutique hotel to capture the eye of every onlooker and each person passing by. Want to really make an impact?

There are some small things that you can add to your boutique hotel to make everyone take notice and to please the eyes of those looking for detail. Let’s take a look!

High Quality

A boutique hotel has to pay attention to quality. This is one big thing that is composed of many little things. Every service and resource should be of good quality. This includes your staff, who will be the ones to make or break a customer’s experience. Friendly customer service and high-quality products will show the customers that you care. Keeping everything clean and comforting-looking will be a constant priority but will be worth it for each and every one of your customers to have a great stay.

Looking at Thread Count

Thread count may seem like just a number, but when it comes to quality, it’s something that your customer will feel. Whether or not they know the exact thread count, when they notice the different feeling of that high-quality cloth or fabric, they know how much attention you paid to their rooms. Soft, seamless cotton sheets are an indication of quality and attention to detail. Boutique hotels should bring a new appreciation for high-quality fabrics.

Whether it’s in the form of bathrobes, towels, tablecloths, or anything else, make sure you are paying attention to the quality of all the items you buy for your hotel.

Furnishing with Style

Boutique hotels must understand historical pieces and the art of furniture. The little extra attention to decoration detailing will add a little something special to your hotel. A contemporary painting, a vintage lamp, or even artistic seating can go a long way in a boutique lobby.

Knick Knacks

Collecting smaller pieces will add some personality to your boutique hotel. You want to make sure these little items add to your own personal taste. Adding a little personal touch to your hotel will make it feel like a connection between you and your guests. Small vases, candles, or intricate lampshades are a great way to spice up the room. Little figurines or statues can add a little bit of a vintage feel to the room as well.


You want to really make sure your kitchen staff is passionate about what they are making and putting out to your guests. Decoration doesn’t just apply to rooms; you can definitely decorate a plate of food. Even just a small effort to personalize your recipes and make sure your food tastes as good as it looks will be noticeable by the detailed eye – and tongue!

Eating spaghetti with a little garnishing as well as some sprinkled herbs carefully placed on a plate will make for a great picture and an amazing experience. Desserts are the most fun to decorate because there is so much room for creativity. Assorted colourful macarons on a silver platter or small cupcakes articulately decorated will definitely make for an unforgettable dining experience that your guests can enjoy.

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