Building & Facilities new. Room large and spacious for two with 2 single beds as requested, Staff polite and responsive. Breakfast excellent. Neighborhood nice clean and quiet. Parking on the premises too. WiFi excellent. Room service daily.


Demetre 53a2c87f929d4bb714d6ab89268708c00713ab2e Reviews Greece

“Clean modern hotel. Quiet and friendly. Only downside is that there are no restaurants nearby. However, there are some reasonable restaurants a short drive away.”

David 1f70cf8643be6dca206ff6efa67ef4126c6afee4 Reviews United Kingdom

“Lovely small hotel with amazing emphasis on comfort for the traveller. The room is spacious, with lighthearted colors and furnishings, with a minimal modern feel, with lots of attention to detail, very clean. Breakfast room has marvellous views and a really good selection of options. Overall, this is a great hotel designed for comfort and ambience!”

Agni 53a2c87f929d4bb714d6ab89268708c00713ab2e Reviews Greece

“Sparkling clean, the building and rooms are super modern. Great value for money ”

Obzion ebe83601969dd88ebfb7ef52f646ac4c3a995461 Reviews Israel

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