Nicosia Hotels Near Nature’s Autumn Colour Spectacular

Nicosia Hotels Near Nature’s Autumn Colour Spectacular

During the autumn months, the best Nicosia hotels are not only busy with guests arriving for business conferences, exhibitions and cultural events. They are often also booking in guests keen to take advantage of nature’s colour spectacular that the island herself puts on at this time of the year.

As the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia brings business professionals every day to its urban decision-making centre. But the natural beauty of the surrounding Mediterranean countryside, which is never too far away, is also a powerful lure. Summer’s verdant green leaf splendour becomes a radiant canopy of crimson, copper, orange and yellow covering the island’s woodlands and winemaking villages. Burnished copper hues carpet the forest floors – making a dazzling hiking trail to follow.

Athalassa National Forest Park

In the age of the boutique hotel, wellbeing and personalised experience – and with the warm October Cyprus air around 27C – executive travellers and autumn holidaymakers can enjoy nature’s display in Nicosia’s local parks. Starting off with Athalassa National Forest Park on the south-eastern edge of the city, which covers 840 hectares (2,075 acres) – the largest public green space in the area. Complete with a large lake, visitor centre and picnic sites, Athalassa is a bustling haven of native flora and fauna which can be readily explored over some 20kms of nature trails, cycling paths and birdwatching sites.

Grammiko Park 

Close by to Agios Dimitrios Park is Grammiko Park – also known as Pedieos Linear Park – with nearly 10kms of walking and cycling paths following along the banks of the Pedieos River. The park is well-known as the home of the Presidential Place, behind which, is a bronze bust of Russian Cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin – the first man in space. Declared an honorary citizen of Cyprus when Gagarin visited in 1962, the small monument commemorates the 50th anniversary of his flight.

Mitsero Mines’ Red Lake

Also, back in time more than half a century, a ”colourful” monument of a different kind! Cyprus first began mining for copper around 4,000 BC. The vivid orange metal – Latin “cuprum” – was even named after the Greek word for Cyprus “Kúpros”. Around 28kms (17 ml) south west of Nicosia en-route to the village of Mitsero, are the two old Kokkinopezoula and Kokkinoyia copper mines near the village of Mitsero, which ceased excavations in 1966. Over time, the large abandoned quarry filled with water during the winter months, it’s high acid levels mixed with the natural mineral order to create a deep scarlet, red liquid lake. Today, the area is are part of a UNESCO Geopark.


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