Nicosia Accommodation Nearby Gas Forum and Conference

Nicosia Accommodation Nearby Gas Forum and Conference

Two annual energy conferences, which bring together delegates from governments, oil and gas suppliers and operators worldwide, are to be held in the capital in early March. Among attendees staying at Nicosia centre hotels, a number will choose to stay at boutique Nicosia accommodation just a short distance from the Hilton and Landmark hotels, the venues for both conferences.

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Cyprus continues to play an important role as a major energy player in the Mediterranean and surrounding regions. The breakthrough came in 2007, when the government introduced offshore licensing inside its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), permitting companies to look for gas in Cypriot controlled waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Then in 2011, gas fields were discovered in the southern Cyprus EEZ promising to diversify EU gas supplies, help reduce the island’s carbon emissions, and boost the Cyprus economy. One field was estimated to contain between 4.5 – 8 trillion cubic feet of gas. At the time, a US geological survey indicated that an expansive area of the  Mediterranean – from Cyprus to Lebanon, Israel, and Egypt – could contain more than 340 trillion cubic feet of gas – higher than US reserves, the fourth largest in the world after Russia, Iran, and Qatar.

The first of the two conferences, The Mediterranean Oil & Gas Forum (Hilton Hotel, 6th | 7th March) brings together government and energy leaders to promote American and European energy investments in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean. Four days later, the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Conference (EMGC) – at The Landmark, 11th | 12th March – offers latest information on the region’s growing natural gas industry with exclusive representation from key ministerial offices within the region.

Nicosia accommodation for attendees from 20 countries

Since 2013, the EMGC continues to be an invaluable networking and information-sharing platform for gas operators, technology firms, suppliers, regional governments and expert analysts. All-important issues surrounding natural gas developments in the Eastern Mediterranean are analysed and discussed. Delegates have a unique opportunity to explore access to regional markets and seek potential new business partners. In 2019, the conference brought together attendees from 20 countries, including the US, Egypt, Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Europe and China. Of the 187 delegates who attended, nearly a third were service suppliers (29 per cent), over a quarter were operating companies (26 per cent) and around one in six were key government officials (15 per cent).

Future energy potential looks extremely positive as Cyprus continues to uncover more gas sources further afield. In 2017, two of Europe’s biggest oil and gas producers from France and Italy found small volumes of gas in a second Cyprus field, and recently announced a further discovery reportedly similar in size to one enormous field off Egypt.

Both conferences highlight the discovery and development of gas around the Mediterranean, which will help Cyprus transition from an oil to modern gas power economy.


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