Nicosia Accommodation in Agios Dometios – History At Every Step!

Nicosia_ Accommodation_ in_Agios_Dometios_History_At_Every_Step

Hotel location is more than convenience in the age of boutique lifestyle and authentic experience. The best Nicosia accommodation are not always jostled together overlooking a packed tourists’ spot.

To be quietly positioned in historic Agios Dometios is to be at the heart of today’s luxury hotel experience redefined as both cultural and immersive. Hypnos by bed N’mix is not only a short 4 kms (1.2 ml) from the city centre but is also just one street away from the city’s iconic, 17th century Saint Dometios Church.

Whether on annual holiday, weekend minibreak or a short business trip, the experienced traveller to Cyprus knows that a perfect Nicosia accommodation is often found in it’s own quiet, tranquil space – gratifyingly away from a main, noisy thoroughfare. The area of Agios Dometios can, with almost every step, reveal a living glimpse into different times of island history.

DID YOU KNOW… When Cyprus was chosen as the last of the torch stop destinations en-route to the 2004 Athens Olympics, it was the principality of Agios Dometios that the flame was carried through, held proudly aloft by a relay of five runners.

Area named after Saint Dometias

Once a small village during the Byzantine era, the area was named after Saint Dometias, a 4th century Christian convert who lived in a cave in Persian Mesopotamia. However, the saint’s holy work was brought to terrible halt by the Roman Emperor Julian who ordered his death in 362AD and the church dedicated to  the memory of Agios Dometios later built in the 17th century.

Cutting through the centre of Nicosia

One of the more pronounced influences in recent times is the creation of the Green Line “UN Buffer Zone” in 1963, which was extended after August 1974, following the Turkish partition of the island. Also known as the “Attila Line”, it stretches for 180 kilometres from Paralimni in the east to Kato Pyrgos in the west, cutting  through the centre of Nicosia. The historic line, which also runs almost parallel along the west to northern perimeter of Agio Dometios, remains a real division to this day.

Bustling visitor destination

However, the area around the Ledra Crossing, just outside the walls of old Nicosia, has developed into a bustling visitor destination for the curious after travel restrictions were eased in 2003. One of the areas selected was at the end of Democratias Avenue and since 2004 the checkpoint at Agios Dometios has become the main vehicle passing point. Ledra Street with its many bars and cafes continues to be the main shopping street of the capital, with both department stores selling luxury goods and small specialty shops selling arts and crafts.


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