How to Escape the Cyprus Summer Crowds

Panorama of Nicosia

If you are not a fan of the crowds when you are travelling, you have to avoid the tourist hotspots first. If you find yourself in Cyprus during the summer, you might have some trouble figuring out how you can stay away from the spots that everyone is frequenting. The island will welcome many visitors during the summer. This is also when university students will be on break. It might be a little difficult to escape the crowds. However, here are some spots off the track that we can recommend for those who want a quiet holiday away from the masses:



People will be abandoning the city for a summer getaway to the beach or the mountains, so Nicosia is actually a great place to stay! The second week of August is almost completely empty since most establishments will be closed for the holidays. Some people haven’t caught on to this trick of staying inland, and a few shops will stay open so you will have something to do. Make sure you double check their hours, as they will change for the holidays.


Pelendri Village

Escaping to remote villages will get you away from the crowds and also give you a little peek into Cyprus’ rural life. This village is known for its traditional Cypriot lifestyle and chiller atmosphere with cooler evenings. If you are hoping to village-hop, avoid Troodos, Kakopetria, and Platres because they are popular tourist destinations. Pelendri is a tiny, quiet village with very few residents and lots to see. Their great traditional stone houses and traditional wines are very accommodating. There are also plenty of nature trails or taverns to venture into. Eat some delicious Cypriot meze with organic, farm-grown ingredients from right there in that village.


Avdimou Beach

The coastline is going to be busy, and we all know it. Paphos town, Protaras, Ayia Napa, Larnaca, and Limassol will be way too crowded for us who are looking for solitude.  However, this does not mean that it’s impossible to find a beach on the island at all. There’s a village called Avdimou that sits at the halfway point between Limassol and Paphos that offers blue waters and beautiful rocky cliffs to admire. Avdimou beach is less well-known but is a great summer if you are looking for a quiet beach. It also boasts that laid-back Cypriot village life by a coastline that stretches out over a kilometer long and has some restaurants and taverns to explore and indulge in local produce.



Close by to our previous destination is the beautiful coastal city of Pissouri. It can get a little busy over summer. However, it is not overwhelming like other beaches on the island. This fun location has beautiful bodies of water with fun water sports and nudist beaches. There are luxurious hotels, quaint little traditional accommodations, and anything that might fit your lifestyle or tastes. You can’t miss out on their great grapes and wine.



You would want to drive north from Polis Chrysochou just along the coast until you reach the secluded Pomos if you want beautiful scenery, untouched beaches, and unspoiled landscapes. Just the journey there will bring you coastal beauty and breathtaking sights. Many will flock to Pomos, but the beaches will remain relatively empty for your enjoyment.  You will have the choice between Kanalli beach, Tpoulorotsos beach, and Paradise beach. If you are looking for a quirky vibe, Paradise beach has a great little beach bar called Paradise Place that offers reggae and jazz festivals every year in August. You might also want to check out the harbor for its fresh fish taverns and the Museum of Natural History. There are many activities for different lifestyles and tastes, so you will remain entertained!


Kato Pyrgos

If you are looking for a truly remote place in Cyprus, the pebbly Kato Pyrgos is the place to be. This coastline is a little complicated to get to, so you would want to go through Pomos or Paphos. The winding road to get there is what puts off some crowds from visiting. This is why you would want to go if you are looking for somewhere away from crowds.

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