Flood Festival Larnaca – Five Days of Water Fun, Greek Music and Dance!

Flood_Festival_Larnaca_Five_Days_of_Water_Fun_Greek _Music_and_Dance!

The Flood Festival, “Kataklysmos”, takes place every year around May / June in Larnaca – 50 days after Orthodox Easter – and only a 45 minute drive from Nicosia city centre hotels. Distance is no object for a new “curious” generation of holiday adventurers”, who often define themselves by their search for small but meaningful places, customs and traditions. The “boutique” experience is tied in with the desire for authentic, cultural knowledge and insight.

Today, ‘luxury holiday’ often means the best hotels in Nicosia have genuine historical ties with their location and local community. They are also likely to be no more than a short walk or drive away from the genuine heart of the Cypriot way of life, which throughout the year is celebrated in towns and villages across the island with traditional customs and festivals, such as the Flood Festival.

Water is a key symbol of the festival

Larnaca is situated on the coast, so it’s no surprise that water is a key symbol of the festival, which is being held Friday 14th to Wednesday 19th of June. Kataklysmos – ‘Cataclysm’ or ‘Deluge’ or in Greek – is a celebration of Noah and his salvation from the biblical Flood.

Included on the UNESCO National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Flood festival is the biggest event on the island. Huge numbers of Cypriots come together to mark the Christian feast of Pentecost with religious ceremonies and traditional cultural and sporting activities.

Illusionist, known as “The Godfather”

Over five days along the Larnaca seafront, the Finikoudes Promenade will be filled with a full programme of concerts, boat races, wind-surfing and swimming competitions. Many participate in boisterous, often prank-filled activities with water to symbolise the “purification of body and soul”.

The Opening Parade on the Seafront Central Stage will be addressed by the Mayor of Larnaka, Mr Andreas Vyras, to be followed by a rich and varied display of Greek and Cypriot musical ensembles, folk singing and traditional dancing, and a mind illusionist, known as “The Godfather”.

Displays of traditional Cypriot craftsmanship

Further Greek traditional music and dancing  acts – including contributions from several youth drama groups –  can be enjoyed on The Europe Square Stage. Meanwhile ‘shadow figure’ theatre and poetry are the main events on the Medieval Fort stage. Highlights of the festival are set to be concerts by popular singers from Greece and Cyprus.

Along the length of the Promenade, a line of kiosks will be selling traditional food, jewellery, novelties, toys and souvenirs. Festival visitors will also have a rare opportunity to see displays of traditional Cypriot craftsmanship, including embroidery, rosary and shepherd-flute making, hand milling – and creating silkworm cocoon artefacts!

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