Coco Mat Sleep System at Hypnos Hotel by bed N’mix may actually Save Your Life!

Coco Mat Sleep System at Hypnos Hotel by bed N’mix may actually Save Your Life!

Life in the Cyprus capital quickly returns to normal after the festive break! The first of the new year’s business meetings, conferences and exhibitions once more sees the business executive striding back through the reception doors of Nicosia city centre hotels.

Many are often on a tight schedule, their diaries filled with back to back client meetings and events, which may only finish late in the early hours. Booking a room at Hypnos Hotel by bed N’mix where every bed is made with the unique Coco-Mat “sleep system” could actually save their life…

Negative effect on the next day’s performance

Missing out on a decent night’s sleep is often shrugged off as “no problem” with any show of low energy and flagging focus a sign of weakness. But casually saying you’ll simply catch up on any lost sleep the next night may not be the easy answer it’s often assumed to be. Recent research indicates that even losing just one night of sleep leads to an immediate increase in a build up of brain protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

We are all aware that interfering with the natural sleep pattern can have a temporary negative effect on the next day’s physical and mental performance. But how many people are aware that losing valuable sleep time is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity – by up to 50 per cent in adults. Sleep deprivation is linked to poor appetite regulation, leading to constant food craving and consuming more calories.

Protein waste build-up prevents communication

However, new studies show that sleep loss also leads to a build up of a protein waste product in the fluid between brain cells. Clumps of plaque are formed, which prevent communication between neurons, known as Alzheimer’s disease. PET scans found that sleep deprivation caused an increase in protein waste by up to 5 per cent in brain regions particularly prone to damage during the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

Getting a good night’s sleep does more than simply restore the mind and body for the rigours of the next day – it’s literally a life saver. That’s why the choice of bed, mattress and pillow can make all the difference in protecting your future health.

Each mattress differently filled

The Coco-Mat “sleep system” at Hypnos bed N’mix comprises a base mattress topped with three separate mattresses of different thicknesses, and each differently filled with horsehair from Mongolia, dried seaweed from Greece (to reduce humidity), and a thin goose-down top mattress from China doubling as a duvet. Coils of ‘natural’ rubber attached to a base of wooden slats replace the metal springs of a traditional mattress, which prevent exposure to magnetic fields that can also sometimes disturb sleep.

A natural and powerful sleep-inducing experience, the Coco-Mat “sleep system” at Hypnos bed N’mix not only ensures restorative energy levels for every hotel guest but could also help to protect from the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.


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