What You Should Do in Nicosia

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a genuine Mediterranean experience, Nicosia is the best place for you. The capital city of Cyprus has many things to offer tourists, from great food, vibrant culture, and well-preserved nature, to stunning architectural beauty.
For those who are planning a trip to Nicosia, here are some ideas to add to your trip:

Enjoy a free city tour

Nicosia is an old city – very old. It was a part of the great Greek empire, meaning the city is rich with history and culture from the olden days. If you’re looking to learn more about the history and tradition of the city, there are quite a number of free and paid tours that you can sign up for in the city. Your professional guide will take you around the old neighborhoods so that you can see what’s hidden in the corners of this great city.

Walk in the Old City

The best way to see Nicosia is to immerse yourself in it; take a walk around the city and get lost in every nook and cranny. You might come across some hidden gems such as an old family businesses or traditional bakeries that have been around for hundreds of years. We can’t tell you where they are, as you have to find them find them yourself!

Enjoy traditional Cypriot cuisine

Cyprus is the melting pot of many different cultures thanks to its geographical location.Nicosia is where everything comes together. The island nation is located off the southern shore of Turkey, west of Lebanon and Syria, yet it has a Greek origin. This makes Cypriot cuisine among the most diverse and sophisticated foods in the world! The perfect blend of Andalucian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern creates a whole new culinary wonder.

Visit St. Hilarion Castle

Sitting atop the Kyrenia mountain is St. Hilarion Castle. Although the old building has been weathered by time and ravaged by war, the beauty and the architecture of the beautiful structure still makes it a great place to go while you’re in Nicosia.

Nicosia_view_from_Shakolas_Tower_in_Ledra_Street_Republic_of_Cyprus-1-1024x659 What You Should Do in Nicosia

Take a bath at Hamam Omerye

Many local Cypriots will say that if you’re in Nicosia and you haven’t taken a bath at Hamam Omerye Bath House, you’ve never been there. Donated to the city by the Ottoman General Lala Mustafa Pasha, this historic building has become one of the most remarkable landmarks of the city. You can enjoy luxurious spa treatments while you’re here as well.

Relax at the Athalassa National Forest Park

If you want to take a break from the busy city life, you can take a quick trip to the nearby Athalassa National Forest Park—the biggest green area in the city. Taking a stroll down the path through the woods and enjoying the scenic beauty of the park is the best way to spend a quiet afternoon.

Enjoy Cypriot coffee

Traditional Cypriot coffee is known to be incredibly strong. Whether you like your coffee sweetened or pure black, we’re sure that you will get your caffeine fix for the day with one shot of these babies. Don’t forget to enjoy it with a traditional baklava, as they go together like burgers and fries!

Have a drink at the Pivo Microbrewery

Cypriots have always had a deep bond with their brews. That culture is still seen today in the city. No matter what your beer preferences are, you’re guaranteed to find nothing but the highest-quality brews here.

Shop until you drop

Even though it’s a part of the European Union, Cyprus as a country is significantly cheaper than the rest of Europe. If you like shopping, Nicosia is where it’s at! Zara and Marks and Spencer on Makariou Avenue are the best shopping centers this side of Europe.


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Things You Can’t Miss in Nicosia

Are you planning a vacation to the Mediterranean? If so, make sure Cyprus is on your list. This small but beautiful island is a fantastic place to visit for a few days. Nicosia, in particular, is a place that you can’t miss. Cyprus’s capital has plenty of historical monuments, art galleries, restaurants, and cafes for you to enjoy. When in Nicosia, here are the things you can’t miss:


The delicious pastries and local coffee

The locals in Cyprus love their cafes. They often pause during the day to enjoy some pastries and a caffeine boost. While you’re there, join the locals in enjoying a hot coffee along with some sweet cakes and pastries available in the many cafes in the city. To Apomero, a small cafe close to Ermou, is a fantastic choice.


The Green Line

The Green Line of Nicosia is the line that splits the island into two parts. There are several checkpoints where people can cross over to the other side. This gorgeous Mediterranean island remains the only one with a divided capital. A visit to Nicosia is a great opportunity to learn more about their unique social and political situation.


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The OHI farmers market

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, you’ll find a great farmers market at the OHI roundabout. Local vendors hawk their fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and more! If you want to taste the seasonal produce, this is where to go. Even if you don’t plan on picking up any fresh produce to cook with, it’s definitely worth the visit just for the experience. You can listen to the vendors calling out and hawking their products and witness all the movement and the vibrant colors. Make a point of visiting in the morning as this is when the action is.


The various museums

There are plenty of amazing museums and galleries that you can visit in Nicosia. If you’re a fan of history, you’ll love the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia right in the center of Nicosia’s old town. There are a great variety of exhibits with information in Greek, Turkish, and English. You can get in for free. Whether you’re looking to learn more about history or just escape from the hot sun for a short while, this museum is a great place to go.

The Cyprus Museum is another incredible place to visit. Archaeological artifacts are abundant here and you’ll leave with a greater appreciation of the part the small country plays in European history.

Art junkies will love the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre. It’s the oldest contemporary arts center around. You’ll get to admire a great variety of work by both local and foreign artists. Admission is free, making it the perfect stop for budget travelers.

The historical center

Nicosia’s Old Town is definitely worth a visit. Ledra Street, in particular, is home to plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, and more. You can venture down the road, setting course for the checkpoint on the Green Line. Onasagorou is also a popular street to explore where bars and restaurants are abundant. If you love handcrafted items, you’ll enjoy walking down Ermou street where many old local craftspeople reside.

The neighborhood of Laiki Geitonia

Close to Onasagorou street is a neighborhood called Laiki Geitonia. This small neighborhood is filled with small shops selling a great variety of souvenirs. It’s the perfect place to stop if you’re looking to purchase small goodies for your friends and family back home. Whether you’re looking for olive oil or locally handcrafted sculptures, Laiki Geitonia is the place to go!

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