Boutique Nicosia Accommodation Definitely Attractive To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Boutique Nicosia Accommodation Definitely Attractive To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Attending Startup Europe Week, Nicosia 2020? If you’re  heading to the “The Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” event on Thursday 19th March, you may think you’re spoilt for choice in Nicosia accommodation. But is this true? A quick look at the figures…

There are more than 42 thousand bedrooms and similar accommodation in Cyprus, according to a 2018 Statista survey. Popular online price comparison site, Expedia lists nearly 900 luxury hotels in Nicosia alone, followed by Trivago, which lists almost 700 for Nicosia accommodation.

Lifestyle Nicosia accommodation close to most major institutions

Clearly, not all of the 170,000 people who arrived in Cyprus in March 2019 (CYSTAT) sought a luxury 5 star hotel. At the same time, the number of independent boutique hotels offering a lifestyle experience – definitely attractive to aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals – is relatively small. Especially one that is close to most of the major academic, cultural, financial, as well as government institutions in the Cyprus capital.

It’s therefore good news for busy business people that boutique independent, Hypnos by bed N’mix, is located 2.4 kms – or just 6 minutes away from the European University Cyprus, hosts of the 5th annual Startup Europe Week. Entrepreneurs brimming with energy appreciate a good night’s sleep amongst inspired designer decor as much anyone else.

Guest speakers will discuss “opportunities and challenges” in Cyprus

Startup Europe Week is a unique, world-wide initiative which develops and supports startups at the regional level. Between March 16-20, 2020, over 50 countries will host more than 100 events, and providing a platform to open up and promote local opportunities for entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to start a business in their city, as well as connecting their regions at the international level.

In a full agenda, international guest speakers will be discussing the “opportunities and challenges” in Cyprus as part of The Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. One seminar will focus on, for example, “How to negotiate effectively in business”. While another will examine “Business approaches for different markets: One size fits all?”

Representatives look forward to staying at world class Nicosia accommodation

Cyprus is recognised as one of the faster growing economies in Europe with an annual 3.9 per cent increase in GDP. The island is also an upcoming innovation and entrepreneurial hub, with an increasing number of start-up accelerators and incubators. In addition, Cyprus research institutions collaborate with world-class local and international organisations to carry out large-scale innovative projects.

Undoubtedly, representatives from world class institutions and research groups might also look forward to staying at world class accommodation in Nicosia. An entrepreneurial spirit may be on the move but is always “home from home” with boutique convenience, relaxation and modern connectivity wrapped in a contemporary design aesthetic.


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