Boutique Lifestyle at Best Hotels in Nicosia – Why a Good Night’s Sleep is the Starting Point!

Boutique Lifestyle at Best Hotels in Nicosia Why a Good Nights-Sleep is the Starting Point

Boutique lifestyle has redefined the simple act of booking a room at Nicosia city centre hotels. The all-important search for a “good night’s sleep” is only the starting point. Of the 500 or more hotels at least across the island, there is a growing number that reflect the rise in a new style of luxury tourism.

In their choice of Nicosia accommodation, the authentic and the personalised are increasingly a must for many Cyprus visitors. Ultimately, it’s at the best hotels in Nicosia that their desire and fulfilment can be as exquisitely matched as each room’s unique design of duvet and pillowcase.

Today’s often culturally curious travellers expect a redefined concept of luxury hotel aesthetic and experience, from the business executive attending a conference or a couple on a romantic weekend away to a family taking their annual vacation. Incredibly, the concept of the boutique hotel has actually been transforming expectations for more than three decades.

Head-turning aesthetic quirkiness

It was back in 1984 that the boutique revolution was said to have started with the opening of Morgan’s Hotel on Madison Avenue, New York. In a dramatic break from a tradition grown formulaic and dull the totally refurbished building offered head-turning aesthetic quirkiness served with personalised service attention, and a new-look cuisine.

The approach immediately took off. In the intervening years, boutique lifestyle hotels spread around the globe, not least, in Cyprus, where they continue to boost the island’s growing stature among a range of international business sectors, particularly in luxury travel. The entire tourist industry generates more than 15 per cent of the country’s GDP, which is estimated could rise to 25 per cent over the long-term. Worldwide, tourism is forecast to grow by over 6 per cent by 2026 (Amadeus Global Report, 2016).

Desire to connect with the meaningful

For the experienced frequent traveller, the meaning of “luxury” in hotel accommodation has shifted to a desire to inhabit and connect with the authentic and meaningful. The experience often translates to a        “home from home” environment. A distinctive intimacy and warmth is evoked by the unique choice of interior décor of specific theme based rooms, and the carefully placed “statement” furniture, ornaments, images and cultural artefacts.

Yet, boutique luxury is more than an uber chic hotel space with a compact number of select rooms, all sleekly fashioned elegance to a minimalist design. Holistic wellbeing and guest facilities are also perfectly harmonised to guest needs, from a hotel’s healthy eating tariffs, fully equipped gym and beauty spa, to 24 hour and concierge services, and valet parking.


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