Boutique Hotels – What Makes Them So Special

With cool designs and warm, personalized service, boutique hotels are in trend in this modern century.  Whether you’re a business traveler or a family on vacation, these properties are ideal for those who like their stay to be a memorable experience rather than just a bed for the night.

A destination that upholds the local culture

Boutique hotels have carved out their own place in the fast-paced world of business travel. They have become a place to engage with the local culture, a place that celebrates style, and a place to make beautiful memories. A boutique hotel usually has less than 50 rooms. However, there are larger independent properties that also pride themselves on offering a private atmosphere and warm service.

Lifestyle foundations

Influenced by modern culture and lifestyle, boutique hotels gained traction during the mid-1980s. This new type of hotels embraced the ground-breaking concept of “cheap chic,” which meant affordable luxury in a sophisticated and stylish environment. Private hotel owners dominated the boutique hotel scene for a long time before the larger hotel chains followed suit and started to introduce their “lifestyle hotels.”

Individuality is the hallmark

Every boutique hotel is one of a kind with a unique design and flair. Distinctive, chic, and sometimes even quirky, these properties can be anything from charming historical buildings to modern properties influenced by the local art, culture, and history. Everything from the external facade to the locally-oriented artwork, dining, furnishings, and social spaces carry a distinctive character. The staff are attentive and hospitable, willing to provide customized service to each guest.

Variety of guests

If you thought that the boutique and lifestyle hotel market was confined to just one niche market segment, you are wrong. These properties are popular with all sorts of customers ranging from seasoned executive travelers to the young crowd, due to the competitive prices that they offer. Guests can include business travelers, a family on holiday, and even the odd celebrity.


While the majority of boutique hotels are historical buildings, even the new properties exude a strong character through their innovative design that reflects the local culture. This atmosphere is created not only by the ambiance, decor, and theme but also by the professional warmth and welcoming disposition that the hotel staff display.


Probably the best part about a boutique property is its individuality. A real boutique hotel strives to break away from the standard norms and create its own identity. Many boutique properties partner with acclaimed bartenders, disc jockeys, and local chefs. While some offer themed rooms, top-line or exclusive locally made bathroom amenities, some even offer environmental sustainability for the environment-conscious traveler.


Boutique hotels are chic and luxurious yet have rates that are often more flexible than standard hotels. Boutique hotels have lobbies and cocktail bars as well. These spaces can either be relaxed and intimate or hip and happening, which is further accentuated with beautiful artwork and music. The rooms often have designer or locally crafted furniture and the latest gadgets ranging from in-house iPods to funky espresso machines. What more can you ask for?

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