Boutique Coco-Mat “Sleep System” – The Ultimate Experience of Mythic God Hypnos!

Boutique Coco-Mat “Sleep System” - The Ultimate Experience of Mythic God Hypnos!

During the height of a sweltering Cyprus summer, typically at around 40C, everyone prefers to be simply taking it easy on the beach or by the pool. However, the best hotels in Nicosia will be busy forward-planning their business bookings. Not least, Hypnos by bed N’ Mix.

The main conference and exhibition season is only a couple of months away now. However, there will still be some companies and organisations, from Europe and around the world, who have only just started making final preparations to secure their Nicosia accommodation. After long flights and busy days crammed into impossibly short schedules, the focus is naturally on those precious moments of “downtime” in calm, relaxed surroundings – and a great night’s sleep!

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Ultimate symbol of sleep and relaxation

In the age of the “boutique” and the “concept” hotel the discerning business and executive traveller definitely expects accommodation that can offer evocative decor and rich experiences. How alluring then, is the mythic Greek god, Hypnos and the divine promise of definitive luxury sleep?

Hypnos is described as the ‘symbol of sleep’, itself. Portrayed in the original Greek texts as a young man with wings affixed to his temples or shoulders, Hypnos lived in a cave where the entrance was filled with poppies and other sleep-inducing plants. Moreover, the young god was also married to Pasithea, a goddess of hallucination or relaxation.

Back in the real world of hotel accommodation, the ultimate symbol of sleep and relaxation is of course, the bed. There may not be a more natural and powerful sleep-inducing experience than the boutique Coco-Mat “sleep system” at Hypnos bed N’mix.

Three separate mattresses of different thicknesses

Coco-Mat and luxury are two interwoven concepts serving the environmentally-aware in the modern Greek world of the best boutique hotel accommodation. The “sleep-system” consists of a base mattress with a wooden frame topped with three separate mattresses of different thicknesses. The layers comprise horsehair from Mongolia, dried seaweed from Greece (to reduce humidity), and a thin goose-down from China for the top-mattress that can also double as a duvet.

Further ‘elemental’ support from the world of physics prevents exposure to magnetic fields that can sometimes disturb sleep. Coils of ‘natural’ rubber attached to a base of wooden slats replace the metal springs of a traditional mattress. Further refinements include Coco-mat pillows, bed linen, towels and wooden furniture. The business of sleep, designed for business!

Tucked quietly away in Ayios Dometios, Hypnos by bed N’mix in the city centre of Nicosia!
– only a few moments away from the Nicosia District Administration, Land Registry, European University, the Presidential Palace, and the embassies of Lebanon, Italy, Russia and USA.
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