Best Nicosia Hotels Welcome Guests Seeking Family Friendly Events at Autumn Half Term

Best Nicosia Hotels Welcome Guests Seeking Family Friendly Events at Autumn Half Term

School half-term holidays are nearly here. The summer tourist season may be over but the best Nicosia hotels look forward to welcoming guests on a mini-break during mid-October. There is much for the culturally curious with kids in tow to see and do, of course. However, not all Cyprus establishments or even some Nicosia accommodation stay open during the autumn/winter months.

Almost 60 per cent of tourist arrivals to Cyprus are from EU member states – the top five countries being UK, Russia, Sweden, Greece and Germany (CYSTAT) – which mostly have their autumn school holidays around this time. (UK: 22-26 Oct, Russia: 27 Oct-5 Nov, Sweden: 28 Oct-1 Nov, Germany: 3-18 Oct).

October visitors on the rise

Cyprus is often perceived as a summer holiday destination, not least because of the near, all-year round warm climate – currently, temperatures in Nicosia are still hitting 28C! Nevertheless, while arrivals between May and September have increased by five or even six times than the rest of the year, visitors during October are on the rise too!

In Oct 2018, the total number of Cyprus visitors was 433,617 compared to 406,870 in Oct 2017 – up by 6.6 per cent. A figure that has nearly doubled in five years and by two thirds in ten years. In Oct 2013, there were 273,587 visitors and 267,866 in Oct 2009 (CYSTAT).

So, which family friendly events will be on in Nicosia during the half term holidaymakers’ brief stay? Here’s a flavour…

Fun exploration of Larnaca’s cultural heritage

“Let’s Share Nicosia” is a walking treasure hunt around the capital where everyone is invited on a fun exploration of Larnaca’s cultural heritage sites and other fascinating places of interest.

During the one day event, which starts at Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia on Saturday, October 19th, 2019 (10:30 – 13:00), all participants will receive a photo and other materials, from which they must identify the location and find the person who will hand over the next photo-clue.

Inspire visiting families to star in an adventure story

All six photos / items must be collected within 2 hours and pics posted to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using specific hashtags. Whoever receives the most “likes” / reaction will be declared the winner after the count has taken place on Tuesday 22 October.

“Family Stories” – taking place at the Leventis Gallery on Sunday 20 Oct (10:30 & 15:00) – is billed as an “alternative experience”, where “the unfamiliar can become familiar”. Paintings exhibited at the Gallery are aimed to inspire visiting families to star in an adventure story picked from their choice of house, garden and people depicted.


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