Best Nicosia City Centre Hotels: ‘Home From Home’ Experience Fuses Culture With Modern Amenity

Nicosia City Centre Hotels ‘Home From Home’ Experience Fuses Culture With Modern Amenity

The rise of the “home from home” experience, particularly among Nicosia city centre hotels is no accident. Traveller expectations have helped to redefine the meaning of a ‘luxury’ stay. It was not only holidaymaker and tourist who grew weary of ‘standard’ rooms and dull décor offered by the chain brands. Frequent or regular business travellers, too, expected a more ‘personalised’ approach from their hotel.

The demand and growth of ‘lifestyle’ hotels have continued to drive the boutique concept of hotel accommodation by 7-8 per cent for almost a decade (STR Report, 2018). In Cyprus, one in eight (12 per cent) of building permits issued in 2018 were for the building of hotels, according to the Cyprus Hospitality Report, KPMG, 2019. The demand for a boutique hotel experience, however, grows alongside an overall explosion in visitor accommodation.

Best Nicosia accommodation really strives to be different from their competitors

The Report also found that of the 791 hotels currently operating across the island, 51 were ‘chain’ hotels, 58 were 4-star rated hotels and 26 were 5-star hotels. While the number of star hotels has slightly increased by 7 per cent over the last decade, the number of budget 1-star and 2-star hotels in Nicosia (and Larnaca) rose by nearly 90 per cent. Nevertheless, Cyprus visitors increasingly seek out the small, independent hotel in the search for a ‘meaningful’ lifestyle experience. Clearly, the best Nicosia accommodation really strives to be different from their competitors.

But what are the reliable indicators to look for? Most studies hold the defining characteristics to be a 3-5 star rated, non-chain hotel with fewer than 100 rooms usually located in an urban or city centre. Its key attributes should naturally offer a personalised “home from home” experience fusing historic and cultural identity with unique contemporary themed design and styling, and modern amenities.

Soul of a hotel harmoniously blended attracts today’s discerning guest

The frequent business traveller in need of a refreshing night’s sleep in relaxed, comfortable environment also seeks   more insightful surroundings to satisfy a different sense of luxury beyond traditional, perhaps outdated ideas of extravagant opulence. To stay at a newly defined luxury hotel is more aligned with purposeful interaction and a meaningful connection to their understanding of location and environment.

Today’s transformed sense of luxury is an appeal to a sense of the authentic, which is neither simulated nor contrived. It is the ‘soul’ of a hotel, baked-in with novel architecture, interiors and furnishing, which is harmoniously blended with service provision and amenity that beguiles and attracts today’s discerning guest. The ‘hotel concept’  pieces together the gathered elements to create the all-important authentic, memorable guest experience.


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