A Healthy-Eating Breakfast Buffet at the Best Hotels In Nicosia!

A Healthy-Eating Breakfast Buffet at the Best Hotels In Nicosia!

Healthy-eating, the Mediterranean diet and boutique lifestyle! A powerful triple bill that has come to redefine the hotel experience among a new generation of global traveller. Not least, in the Cyprus capital! In recent years, the best hotels in Nicosia have continued to work tirelessly to always ensure they offer a breakfast buffet menu sought by guests who increasingly have adopted a healthy-eating lifestyle.

Furthermore, holidaymaker and business traveller alike may simply not want to abandon their healthy-eating routines. In many ways, visitors to Cyprus often seek to increase their dietary knowledge and experience of the Mediterranean diet. It’s variety of dishes are daily prepared with fruits and salad vegetables, nuts, grains and infused with lemon and olive oil, well-seasoned with a variety of herbs.

A recent report of more than 800 collected medical studies, clearly shows that those people who eat a Mediterranean-type diet every day are “less prone to chronic disease, stroke or heart attack, and more likely to remain mentally alert”.

Guests actually thinking about eating breakfast when booking

However, it is the importance of the hotel breakfast, which appears to be a major determining factor in whether a guest will proceed with booking an accommodation, according to a recent hotel.com survey. It’s so important that guests are actually thinking about what they will be eating for breakfast when they book their reservation. Nearly a half (42 per cent) in a Google consumer survey admitted that the “hotel feature they most looked forward to” was eating breakfast!

A traditional Cyprus breakfast typically consists of olives, juicy tomatoes, baby cucumbers, fried/grilled halloumi (mixed goat and sheep’s milk), eggs and lountza (cured pork tenderloin). This is further accompanied by fresh, sesame-seed covered bread, Anari (soft Cyprus cheese) or yogurt with fresh fruit drizzled with honey.

Extended the traditional continental breakfast

However, it is likely to be the “inclusive” help-yourself, buffet breakfast, which has extended the traditional continental breakfast beyond the basic bread basket selection, accompanied by coffee or tea. Today, you may also find a selection of cereals and muesli, toast, muffins, croissants, waffles, pancakes, pastries and bagels. Plus, the necessary condiments such as butter, cream, several types of cheeses, jam and jelly. Many buffet breakfast also offer eggs, mostly boiled or scrambled, cold meats even grilled sausages.

Today, providing fruit as the healthier option increasingly takes centre stage on the serving counter. Typically, there will be apples and bananas, but also more often, melon, pears, grapes, and an assortment of berries. No mention of hotel breakfast is complete without the fruit juice. Where once the choice was simply orange or apple, today options often include cranberry, grapefruit, and grape juice too.


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