A Month-By-Month Guide to Visiting Cyprus – What to Know

Whether it’s during the warmth of spring or the chill of winter, it’s always a good idea to take a vacation to a certain stunning island located in the Mediterranean Sea: Cyprus.

Planning to go on a trip to the Mediterranean? If so, Cyprus should be on your radar. Here is a month-by-month guide from January to April to help you plan your trip the right way:


It can get rather chilly during the month of January, but fortunately, the temperature usually doesn’t drop any lower than ten degrees during the day. The first week of January is considered a good time to visit since there are festive events you can enjoy. During that time of the year, eating together is a number one activity people do with their family and friends. A word of caution: Expect the tourist destinations to be incredibly crowded. After all, it’s a time when most people have a few days off from work.

If you happen to visit during New Year’s Eve, make sure that you don’t miss the celebrations. December 31 is one of the craziest nights of the year. Many clubs and restaurants stay open to ensure that there are champagne bottles to pop and fireworks to set off so that you can enjoy the magic of the season. Why bother going out to the downtown to celebrate this big night? If you are lucky, you will be invited by locals to celebrate at their homes!

They will share with you a traditional Greek cake called ‘vasilopitta’, which is flavored with rich orange brandy and garnished with almonds. After the New Year celebrations, there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy. In addition, six days before New Year, you can join the Epiphany festival at seasides and quays across the island. Don’t miss your chance!


The average temperature during this month is anywhere from 6 to 8 degrees. Seeing as it is still incredibly cold, the island is usually less packed than it is during the warmer months. However, it’s a chance to experience the real beauty that only few can see. Plus, you will find that flight and hotel deals are nicer to your wallet as well.

In order to enjoy this season, make your trip to Troodos Ski Resort on Mount Olympus. The resort offers you exciting activities that will make your day. Apart from that, you can enjoy a jog along the coast. The salty seawater will still be warm. So take your time under the sun, grab a surfboard, and soak your feet in the water!


March in Cyprus is paradise on earth. Flowers bloom and transform the empty land into a colorful scene. At this time, in honor of the Greek Orthodox Easter, people hold a ten-day event full of parades and fancy-dress parties. Visit Limassol if you can, because this place will allow you to experience local tradition and entertainment. It’s worth visiting for sure!

This month is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities in this beautiful country. So go out in warmer days to enjoy walks along the coast, quad bike riding, and the annual Limassol Marathon. In addition, Mark the Cyprus Walking Festival on your calendar. Relax if you have no day off because this two-month annual festival starts in March and continues through May. Book your flight whenever you feel like it!


During April, the weather really starts to warm up. Fortunately, it’s still a comfortable temperature. One of the best things about it is that you can go sunbathing without having to worry about getting burnt. The comfortable temperature allows you to explore a lot of activities.

Deep sea diving, in particular, is one of those activities that you can’t miss while you’re in Cyprus. There are amazing diving spots that offer you a magnificent underwater experience. From Green Bay to Zenobia, you will be stunned by the beautiful seafloor, sunken ships, and deep sea creatures. If you’re not a great diver, Cyprus will never disappoint.

There are a lot of water parks opening in April. Why not consider spending a day enjoying water activities at a popular Paphos Water Park or stopping by the annual Cyprus Film Days International Festival in Nicosia? You’re sure to have a wonderful time!

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