5 Must-Visit Local Festivals in Cyprus During the Summer

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If you have been thinking about visiting Cyprus, then you should really consider going there during the summer. Why? Aside from the warm weather and flowers in bloom, it’s also the festival season that you don’t want to miss out on! Although there are festivals throughout the year, the most exciting ones take place in the summer. Here are some local festivals that you can experience in Cyprus:

The Kataklysmos Festival / The Flood Festival (May)

Kataklysmos means flood as a reference to the story of Noah’s flood in the Bible. There are many water-based activities that you can enjoy at the festival, including water fights! Lanarca Kataklysmos Festival takes place in seaside towns during the long weekend at the start of summer. Although this festival is the most popular festivals among locals, tourists can also immerse themselves in the local culture by attending as well. They can experience the Cypriot tradition through local dances, folklore music, and authentic Cypriot craftwork.

Traditional Arts & Food Festival Korakou (June)

The Traditional Arts & Food Festival takes place in the village of Korakou. This festival holds all the Cypriot best crafts and food. Here, you can learn more about different forms of traditional goods as well as making them yourself! In addition to tasting delicious local snacks, you can watch demonstrations of dough kneading and the process of making Cyprus’s famous halloumi cheese. You will also get to see and taste the products that are made from halloumi such as pies, pastries, pasta dishes, among others.

The Lavender Festival (June)

The Lavender Festival held in Cyherbia Botanical Park & Labyrinth in the village of Avgorou is something that you cannot miss if you happen to visit Cyprus in the summer! There are various activities in the festival including lavender craft and lavender essential oil workshops, meditation walks in the lavender labyrinth, a lavender cooking demonstration, as well as a photo shoot in the lavender gardens. Whether you’re visiting with your significant other or your family, there will surely be something for everyone to enjoy!


The Potato Festival (July)

Another festival taking place in Avgorou is the Potato Festival. As the village of Avgorou is famous for its potato production, it’s no wonder that there is a festival dedicated to potato here! Here, you will get to know some Cypriot ways in cooking potatoes, as well as tasting some of the recipes. The best thing is that all the potatoes used are locally grown, which means that the quality of the goods is as authentic as you will get. You can also try some local dishes here, including souvla and kleftiko at a cheap price as well. As a bonus, you may receive some gifts that are creatively made from potatoes to bring home with you!

The Pasteli Festival (September)

The Pasteli Festival may not be held in the summer, but it deserves to be mentioned on this list nonetheless! Held in the village of Anogyra in Limassol, you will get to try the sticky carob and sesame seeds bar known as pasteli at this festival. Pasteli is only made in cooler months, particularly during September and May, as the heat will make the sweet lose its shape. You can discover how pasteli is made while also exploring other local sweets such as koulourouthkia. While you’re there, you can also make a visit to Carob Mill Museum to learn more about carob – one of the essential ingredients of pasteli.

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