Best Nicosia City Centre Hotels: ‘Home From Home’ Experience Fuses Culture With Modern Amenity

The rise of the “home from home” experience, particularly among Nicosia city centre hotels is no accident. Traveller expectations have helped to redefine the meaning of a ‘luxury’ stay. It was not only holidaymaker and tourist who grew weary of ‘standard’ rooms and dull décor offered by the chain brands. Frequent or regular business travellers, too, expected a more ‘personalised’ approach from their hotel.

The demand and growth of ‘lifestyle’ hotels have continued to drive the boutique concept of hotel accommodation by 7-8 per cent for almost a decade (STR Report, 2018). In Cyprus, one in eight (12 per cent) of building permits issued in 2018 were for the building of hotels, according to the Cyprus Hospitality Report, KPMG, 2019. The demand for a boutique hotel experience, however, grows alongside an overall explosion in visitor accommodation.

Best Nicosia accommodation really strives to be different from their competitors

The Report also found that of the 791 hotels currently operating across the island, 51 were ‘chain’ hotels, 58 were 4-star rated hotels and 26 were 5-star hotels. While the number of star hotels has slightly increased by 7 per cent over the last decade, the number of budget 1-star and 2-star hotels in Nicosia (and Larnaca) rose by nearly 90 per cent. Nevertheless, Cyprus visitors increasingly seek out the small, independent hotel in the search for a ‘meaningful’ lifestyle experience. Clearly, the best Nicosia accommodation really strives to be different from their competitors.

But what are the reliable indicators to look for? Most studies hold the defining characteristics to be a 3-5 star rated, non-chain hotel with fewer than 100 rooms usually located in an urban or city centre. Its key attributes should naturally offer a personalised “home from home” experience fusing historic and cultural identity with unique contemporary themed design and styling, and modern amenities.

Soul of a hotel harmoniously blended attracts today’s discerning guest

The frequent business traveller in need of a refreshing night’s sleep in relaxed, comfortable environment also seeks   more insightful surroundings to satisfy a different sense of luxury beyond traditional, perhaps outdated ideas of extravagant opulence. To stay at a newly defined luxury hotel is more aligned with purposeful interaction and a meaningful connection to their understanding of location and environment.

Today’s transformed sense of luxury is an appeal to a sense of the authentic, which is neither simulated nor contrived. It is the ‘soul’ of a hotel, baked-in with novel architecture, interiors and furnishing, which is harmoniously blended with service provision and amenity that beguiles and attracts today’s discerning guest. The ‘hotel concept’  pieces together the gathered elements to create the all-important authentic, memorable guest experience.


Nicosia accommodation at the centre of traditional and modern Cyprus culture
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Nicosia Accommodation – Five Minutes From The Gold Collection!

Only a 5-6 minute walk from convenient city centre Nicosia accommodation, Hypnos by bed N’ Mix, the history and iconography of a new permanent exhibition of coins provide a fascinating insight into “international trade, power and reputation” of empires, past and present. It’s time “well spent” as trade, commerce and currency never stand still…

Nicosia is the financial, as well as government and cultural capital of Cyprus. So it’s no surprise that ‘The Gold Collection” is now permanently installed at the city’s A. G. Leventis Gallery on Leonidou Street. On display are more than 600 gold coins and commemorative gold medals dating from 362 BC to the mid-20th century, which were collected during the 1960s and 70s by the gallery founder, Anastasios G. Leventis.

History of Cyprus currency – insight for Nicosia Accommodation business visitors 

The history of the islands’ currency can be traced back more than 2,500 years. The first coins in Cyprus – minted in silver – occurred during the period of the “city kingdoms” in 6th century BC. Throughout its history of foreign rulerships, Cyprus has traded with many monetary units including, Roman and Byzantine coins, the dinar – the main coin of the medieval Islamic empires – and the piastre of the Ottoman Empire.

When Cyprus came under the dominion of the British Empire as a British protectorate in 1879, the Cypriot pound (also known as the Cypriot lira) was introduced, which was equal in value to the pound sterling. During the period when Cyprus became a Crown colony of Great Britain (1922 – 1960) the currency value remained unchanged until 1972, more than a decade after achieving independence.

Blockchain to change trading in Cyprus

Cyprus joined the European Union in May 2004 and nearly four years later, the Cypriot pound was finally replaced by the Euro as the official currency on 1 January 2008. By 2016, Cyprus was listed as one of the 31 advanced global economies by the International Monetary Fund who were confident in their forecast for Cyprus growth rates to exceed 3 per cent by 2020. The island’s GDP actually saw a 3.1 per cent growth in 2019.

Today, the world of currency for most international business dealers is a long way removed from real gold coins and notes. The advent of blockchain technology looks set to again change the island’s trading landscape. Late in 2018, Cyprus joined with seven other EU states in signing a declaration aimed at collaborating in the promotion of blockchain application and distributed ledger technologies.


Nicosia accommodation at the centre of Cyprus finance and business
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Good Night’s Sleep at Nicosia Accommodation for Same Day Blockchain and Digital Taxation Events

Bitcoin and digital taxation – are important developments in how money transactions and revenue collection may evolve in Cyprus over the next decade. Each theme will be separately discussed at two conferences taking place in the capital during February. There’s no doubt that attendees from across the professional finance sector – with their well-known eye for detail – will choose Nicosia accommodation to meet their exact hotel requirements.

Foremost will be quality and value of room, and service standards. Today, business people are more likely to seek a more personalised, lifestyle experience rather than simply opt for a basic room offered by a global chain. Even the taxation professional can understand why going ‘boutique’ may provide a superior, good night’s sleep. So, time to put away the calculator – there’s definitely no need to count sheep!

A good night’s sleep is exactly what may be needed if attending the two conferences – as they both occur on the same day – Wednesday 19th February.

Nicosia accommodation near to Seminar and Conference

The Cyprus International Tax & Professional Services Conference takes place at the Hilton Nicosia in the first half of the day (8:30am – 2:30pm) while the second, entitled, “Introduction to Decentralized Finance, DAOs and Tokenization of Assets” is being held in the evening at the University of Nicosia (7:00pm – 9:00pm). The Hilton and the University are only 1.6kms (0.9 ml) and 2.2 kms (1.4 ml), respectively, from Hypnos by bed N’mix.

Now in it’s 3rd year, The Cyprus International Tax Conference will be addressing the most recent trends and developments in taxation across Europe and worldwide, including, “digital taxation and its implications for the EU and Cyprus, in particular” and the “mandatory disclosure of cross border tax arrangements, known as DAC6” (the implementation of any reportable cross-border agreements).

A distinguished line up of speakers are from key institutions, such as the Ministry of Finance and Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus, Independent Authority for Public Revenue, Greece, and leading financial analysts, Deloitte and KPMG.

Digital currencies and blockchain technology

Keeping up to date with the way money is understood, valued and exchanged must also now take into account digital currencies and the concept of blockchain technology. The Decentralized Nicosia Chapter provides valuable insight at its “Introduction to Decentralized Finance, DAO* and Tokenization of Assets”, a free educational seminar at the University of Nicosia.

*DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, defined as an encoded yet transparent programme solely controlled by its stakeholders. Bitcoin represents the first real-world implementation of a DAO.

The Decentralized Nicosia Chapter brings together all those who are engaged with the ‘disruptive potential’ of blockchain and seek to further learn and contribute to its development, while adhering to high professional and ethical standards.


Nicosia accommodation at the centre of business events.
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Nicosia Accommodation Conveniently Located for Embassies and High Commissions

Hypnos by bed N’mix not only provides all essential hotel and room facilities to the highest standards expected of Nicosia accommodation. The hotel is also conveniently located at the centre of a number of embassies situated in the more northern area of Nicosia, not far from the UN Green Line buffer zone.

Visiting an Embassy in Cyprus during the main tourist season could mean that a holidaymaker discovers their passport has gone missing, a serious or even life threatening accident has occurred or perhaps, a sudden, serious problem affects their stay. A total of 475 British nationals sought assistance from their consulate in Cyprus over a 12 month period (Office of National Statistics, 2016) and needed to travel to the Cyprus capital, Nicosia, where most, if not all of the embassies are located.

Most likely to prioritise staying in Nicosia accommodation

Whatever the time of the year, foreign diplomats, civil servants, and other executive visitors are the most likely to prioritise staying at the best hotels in Nicosia. It can often be all-important to be as near as conveniently possible to an embassy when on official business with a full diary of scheduled meetings and functions. There are currently 44 embassies in Cyprus, all located in Nicosia.

Only a two minute walk away from Hypnos by bed N’mix can be found the Embassy of Spain (Nikolaou Katalanou), Embassy of the Republic of Lebanon in Chiou, which is a block away from the Embassy of the USA (Plutarchou) and the Embassy of Russia in Ayiou Prokopiou.

A few metres west is the Embassy of Italy in Gladstonos, which is over the road from the Embassy of Greece in Lordou Vyronos, from where the Embassy of Sweden (Makarios III Avenue) and the Canadian High Commssion (Themistokli Dervi) can be easily reached.  A short walk down Egypt Avenue leads to Evagorou and the Embassy of the UAE, and walking around the corner to the Embassy of Finland (Archiepiskopou Makariou) almost overlooking the Embassy of Libya (Stasinou).

Further south of the hotel but still within comfortable reach

Other consulates a little further south of the hotel but still within comfortable reach are the Embassies of Brazil, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Israel, Republic of Philippines, Ireland, Poland, Finland and Austria. Interestingly, the Australian High Commission is probably the furthest away, on Pindarou, in the east of the capital.

Another outlier is the British High Commission, which is located on Alexander Pallis Street, within the Green Line buffer zone itself, where a few streets away the Embassy of the Netherlands can also be found.


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