Nicosia Hotels Near Nature’s Autumn Colour Spectacular

During the autumn months, the best Nicosia hotels are not only busy with guests arriving for business conferences, exhibitions and cultural events. They are often also booking in guests keen to take advantage of nature’s colour spectacular that the island herself puts on at this time of the year.

As the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia brings business professionals every day to its urban decision-making centre. But the natural beauty of the surrounding Mediterranean countryside, which is never too far away, is also a powerful lure. Summer’s verdant green leaf splendour becomes a radiant canopy of crimson, copper, orange and yellow covering the island’s woodlands and winemaking villages. Burnished copper hues carpet the forest floors – making a dazzling hiking trail to follow.

Athalassa National Forest Park

In the age of the boutique hotel, wellbeing and personalised experience – and with the warm October Cyprus air around 27C – executive travellers and autumn holidaymakers can enjoy nature’s display in Nicosia’s local parks. Starting off with Athalassa National Forest Park on the south-eastern edge of the city, which covers 840 hectares (2,075 acres) – the largest public green space in the area. Complete with a large lake, visitor centre and picnic sites, Athalassa is a bustling haven of native flora and fauna which can be readily explored over some 20kms of nature trails, cycling paths and birdwatching sites.

Grammiko Park 

Close by to Agios Dimitrios Park is Grammiko Park – also known as Pedieos Linear Park – with nearly 10kms of walking and cycling paths following along the banks of the Pedieos River. The park is well-known as the home of the Presidential Place, behind which, is a bronze bust of Russian Cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin – the first man in space. Declared an honorary citizen of Cyprus when Gagarin visited in 1962, the small monument commemorates the 50th anniversary of his flight.

Mitsero Mines’ Red Lake

Also, back in time more than half a century, a ”colourful” monument of a different kind! Cyprus first began mining for copper around 4,000 BC. The vivid orange metal – Latin “cuprum” – was even named after the Greek word for Cyprus “Kúpros”. Around 28kms (17 ml) south west of Nicosia en-route to the village of Mitsero, are the two old Kokkinopezoula and Kokkinoyia copper mines near the village of Mitsero, which ceased excavations in 1966. Over time, the large abandoned quarry filled with water during the winter months, it’s high acid levels mixed with the natural mineral order to create a deep scarlet, red liquid lake. Today, the area is are part of a UNESCO Geopark.


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Best Nicosia Hotels Welcome Guests Seeking Family Friendly Events at Autumn Half Term

School half-term holidays are nearly here. The summer tourist season may be over but the best Nicosia hotels look forward to welcoming guests on a mini-break during mid-October. There is much for the culturally curious with kids in tow to see and do, of course. However, not all Cyprus establishments or even some Nicosia accommodation stay open during the autumn/winter months.

Almost 60 per cent of tourist arrivals to Cyprus are from EU member states – the top five countries being UK, Russia, Sweden, Greece and Germany (CYSTAT) – which mostly have their autumn school holidays around this time. (UK: 22-26 Oct, Russia: 27 Oct-5 Nov, Sweden: 28 Oct-1 Nov, Germany: 3-18 Oct).

October visitors on the rise

Cyprus is often perceived as a summer holiday destination, not least because of the near, all-year round warm climate – currently, temperatures in Nicosia are still hitting 28C! Nevertheless, while arrivals between May and September have increased by five or even six times than the rest of the year, visitors during October are on the rise too!

In Oct 2018, the total number of Cyprus visitors was 433,617 compared to 406,870 in Oct 2017 – up by 6.6 per cent. A figure that has nearly doubled in five years and by two thirds in ten years. In Oct 2013, there were 273,587 visitors and 267,866 in Oct 2009 (CYSTAT).

So, which family friendly events will be on in Nicosia during the half term holidaymakers’ brief stay? Here’s a flavour…

Fun exploration of Larnaca’s cultural heritage

“Let’s Share Nicosia” is a walking treasure hunt around the capital where everyone is invited on a fun exploration of Larnaca’s cultural heritage sites and other fascinating places of interest.

During the one day event, which starts at Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia on Saturday, October 19th, 2019 (10:30 – 13:00), all participants will receive a photo and other materials, from which they must identify the location and find the person who will hand over the next photo-clue.

Inspire visiting families to star in an adventure story

All six photos / items must be collected within 2 hours and pics posted to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using specific hashtags. Whoever receives the most “likes” / reaction will be declared the winner after the count has taken place on Tuesday 22 October.

“Family Stories” – taking place at the Leventis Gallery on Sunday 20 Oct (10:30 & 15:00) – is billed as an “alternative experience”, where “the unfamiliar can become familiar”. Paintings exhibited at the Gallery are aimed to inspire visiting families to star in an adventure story picked from their choice of house, garden and people depicted.


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Nicosia Accommodations Welcome Guests For Building, Design and Logistics Conferences

The conference season is well underway. Many Nicosia accommodations are busy welcoming guests from the worlds of business, research and education as conference expos take place around the capital, including building construction, TFYD (First Year Design) and supply chain logistics.

The personalised boutique experience offered by the best Nicosia hotel tends to be an absolute must! Not only for holiday-makers and business executives but also researchers, academics, and other guests with a professional background.

Latest data and future trends in construction

The Conference on the Design and Construction of Building (Wed, 23 Oct at Nicosia’s Hilton Park, Egkomi, Nicosia) comes at a strategic time in the economic development of Cyprus. In May, the Cyprus finance minister, Harris Georgiades stated that “the island nation’s economy was on track to grow by 3.5 percent in 2019, double the European Union average”.

More than 2,000 building permits had been issued in the first six months of 2019 – up by more than 6 per cent on 2018 – and the number of buildings constructed rose by more than 38 per cent. It is also reported that the “most active construction” is currently underway in Nicosia with more than 700 construction permits issued.

The Conference will present analysis of the latest data and future trends in construction to as many as 500 attendees including, civil, geotechnical, environmental and communication engineers, architects, structural surveyors, urban and regional designers.

Start of a student’s architectural education

The development of architectural training is, of course, essential to progressing economic growth and sustainable design / construction in Cyprus. At the same time, the great architectural traditions of the medieval craft guilds is an important component to an architecture student’s education.

The First Year Design (TFYD) Conference (23-25 Oct at University of Cyprus, Nicosia) will focus on the challenges of teaching design at the very start of a student’s architectural education, including analysis and discussion of the methods, symbols, narratives and customs of current first-year design teaching practice, including the tradition of the master-apprentice model.

Essential role in sustainable deliverability

Today, business economic growth is poised more than ever on the knife-edge of exact supply and demand. Latest technology advances are playing an essential role in sustainable deliverability. The Supply Chain and Logistics Exhibition (24 Oct at Filoxenia Conference Centre, Aglantzia, Nicosia) will be identifying and assessing “methodologies, tools and solutions that deliver cost savings in storage and distribution” and “reducing inventory and maintenance costs”.

The continuing transformation of the Cyprus economy embraces both finance real estate as well as traditional tourism. All three industries are estimated to bring in more than three quarters (80 per cent) of the island’s income and employment.


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Is Your Nicosia Accommodation a Boutique or Lifestyle Hotel? Research Explains the Difference!

Two words – one meaning? Today, even global chains claim to offer a “boutique hotel” experience. Is it possible to find a single definition that is totally on-message with the needs of the modern traveller?

The attraction of staying in a boutique hotel, even for only a couple of nights, has captured the traveller’s imagination and transformed tourism over the last three decades. Visitors to the Cyprus capital who seek the best hotels in Nicosia increasingly look to the boutique concept and its promise of a “lifestyle” experience.

But everybody is likely to have their own definition of boutique and what they might expect at their chosen Nicosia accommodation from the moment they walk through the reception doors. Around the world and on this island alone, all types of Nicosia city centre hotels may declare their boutique or lifestyle  credentials. But there can be a difference between the two, and recent research provides instructive insight…

Experienced global traveller is no longer content with brand standardisation

Over the last 30 years, the increasingly experienced global traveller is no longer content with brand standardisation supplied by the major international hotel chains. Whether on annual vacation, weekend minibreak or business trip. The rise of the boutique and lifestyle hotel reflects a changed sensibility towards travel and leisure. A journey in the outward world is also about the inner journey of meaningful  discovery and transformation.

A panel of more than 40 industry professionals from around the world – commissioned by the Boutique and Lifestyle Lodging Association – agreed that the most important defining features of a boutique hotel are Cultural, Historical and its Authenticity. Boutique hotels are typically small hotels offering high levels of service, not part of a chain and provide unique and interesting services with “many, high quality in‐room features”.

Hotel experience should provide guests with important emotional responses

Hotels often describe themselves as boutique and lifestyle, but there are perceived differences.

Lifestyle hotels tend to be small to medium sized which are most importantly focused on innovation and providing a more “personalised experience” than the traditional “branded” hotels. The aesthetics of a lifestyle hotel are more contemporary, offering unusual design and architecture plus high level technology. A lifestyle hotel tends to focus on wellness and life‐enhancement.

However, the research reveals both the boutique and lifestyle hotel experience should provide guests with the important emotional responses of Discovery, Curiosity, Intrigue” and Amazement. Other meaningful emotions include, “Happy, Joyful, Amused” and “Sensual, Sexy, Romantic”. A luxury hotel is increasingly redefined as the richness of the personalised meaningful experience.


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Nicosia Hotels and City Breaks for Culture and Business Events

City breaks versus beach holidays? Much depends on destination, time of year and personal preference, of course. Events such as annual exhibitions and special concerts can be a big visitor draw at any time, and early October is no exception in Nicosia.

When the high summer season draws to a close, autumn bookings at the best Nicosia hotels can often reflect a varied mix of international business people, friends or couples on a long weekend break. City breaks are generally the choice of the culturally curious and the energetic, keen to experience as much of their chosen destination that it can offer.

Many business or cultural events held every year

Customary sightseeing activities are always likely to include museums, galleries, historic buildings – even a spot of shopping! But during the autumn and winter season, overseas visitors booking Nicosia accommodation are likely to be in town for one of the many business or cultural events held every year.

Among a number of business conferences and trade shows planned for the months ahead, The Ideal Home Exhibition is sure to attract both casual visitor and professional interest, alike.

Ideal Home Exhibition

This is the 4th annual outing in Cyprus with more than 70 exhibitors divided into five sections covering furniture, cooling and heating, building materials, kitchen equipment and land development. There really is something for everyone as visitors are given a sneak preview of the latest developments in every conceivable aspect of home buying, building, decorating and furnishing, and home appliances. The Ideal Home Exhibition is at the ExpoCyprus, Egkomi, Nicosia Friday 4th – Sunday 6th October.

The same weekend – Saturday 5th – will see the 13th Cyprus-Russia Gala take place at the Presidential Palace, attended by Republic of Cyprus First Lady, Andri Anastasiades, and once again is in support of the Radiomarathon Foundation, which helps children with special needs and their families.

13th Cyprus-Russia Gala

Cyprus and Russia have enjoyed an ever-growing cultural relationship ever since the late 1990s with a continuous Russian arts programme comprising ballet and opera, classical orchestras, singer and piano recitals, traditional and contemporary jazz. Around 800,000 visitors to Cyprus are from Russia each year – up fourfold from the 181,000 a decade earlier (Republic of Cyprus Statistical Service).

Nicosia hotels are sure to see a number of visitors who will be attending performances at the Gala by Russian Eurovision star 2016 and 2019 – Sergey Lazarev, virtuoso accordion duo Bondarenko Brothers from the Moscow State Academic Theatre, Cypriot acclaimed Dionysos Dance Group and Greek-Swedish singer, Elena Paparizou and 2005 Eurovision winner.

For cultural and business visitors in autumn
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