Nicosia Accommodation in Agios Dometios – History At Every Step!

Hotel location is more than convenience in the age of boutique lifestyle and authentic experience. The best Nicosia accommodation are not always jostled together overlooking a packed tourists’ spot.

To be quietly positioned in historic Agios Dometios is to be at the heart of today’s luxury hotel experience redefined as both cultural and immersive. Hypnos by bed N’mix is not only a short 4 kms (1.2 ml) from the city centre but is also just one street away from the city’s iconic, 17th century Saint Dometios Church.

Whether on annual holiday, weekend minibreak or a short business trip, the experienced traveller to Cyprus knows that a perfect Nicosia accommodation is often found in it’s own quiet, tranquil space – gratifyingly away from a main, noisy thoroughfare. The area of Agios Dometios can, with almost every step, reveal a living glimpse into different times of island history.

DID YOU KNOW… When Cyprus was chosen as the last of the torch stop destinations en-route to the 2004 Athens Olympics, it was the principality of Agios Dometios that the flame was carried through, held proudly aloft by a relay of five runners.

Area named after Saint Dometias

Once a small village during the Byzantine era, the area was named after Saint Dometias, a 4th century Christian convert who lived in a cave in Persian Mesopotamia. However, the saint’s holy work was brought to terrible halt by the Roman Emperor Julian who ordered his death in 362AD and the church dedicated to  the memory of Agios Dometios later built in the 17th century.

Cutting through the centre of Nicosia

One of the more pronounced influences in recent times is the creation of the Green Line “UN Buffer Zone” in 1963, which was extended after August 1974, following the Turkish partition of the island. Also known as the “Attila Line”, it stretches for 180 kilometres from Paralimni in the east to Kato Pyrgos in the west, cutting  through the centre of Nicosia. The historic line, which also runs almost parallel along the west to northern perimeter of Agio Dometios, remains a real division to this day.

Bustling visitor destination

However, the area around the Ledra Crossing, just outside the walls of old Nicosia, has developed into a bustling visitor destination for the curious after travel restrictions were eased in 2003. One of the areas selected was at the end of Democratias Avenue and since 2004 the checkpoint at Agios Dometios has become the main vehicle passing point. Ledra Street with its many bars and cafes continues to be the main shopping street of the capital, with both department stores selling luxury goods and small specialty shops selling arts and crafts.


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Best Nicosia Accommodation at quiet Centre of Leisure, Business, Culture, Education!

It’s true… the best Nicosia city centre hotels tend to be found at the busy, buzzy heart of the visitor experience. Wherever those Nicosia accommodation happen to be located! Hypnos by bed N’mix, for example, may be in a quiet northerly corner of the capital (great for a good night’s sleep!) but still a handy, short distance from many visitor destinations for leisure, business, culture, education and more. All points, North, South, East and West of the hotel…

The sporting life

For those who love the sporting life and curious to see how the runners and riders perform abroad, the Nicosia Race Club is 1.2 kms (0.75 ml) northwest of Hypnos by bed N’mix. Only reintroduced into Cyprus from the end of the 19th century, the Club is the only official body authorised to stage horse races and betting in Cyprus. Racing takes place mostly two days a week (Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday), October through to July, and on most major holidays, including the Cyprus Republic Cup (October) and the  Cyprus Derby (November).

Oldest Government department

Heading in the opposite direction due south and nearly exactly the same distance from the hotel – 1.27 kms | 0.79 ml – is a very different type of destination. It’s also conveniently close by for business guests. The Land Registry of Cyprus, also known as the Department of Lands and Surveys, was opened in 1858 and is one of the oldest government departments with the main responsibility for the registration of property in Cyprus.

The continuing economic development of Cyprus in recent years also sees Nicosia, as the capital city, increasingly attracting international investors to the opportunities within its commercial as well as residential property sector. Many are focused on the city centre and, specifically, within the areas of Makarios Avenue and Stasikratous Street, as well as the streets of Ledra and Onassagorou.

Education, training and research

Due west of Hypnos Hotel – around 2.2 kms | 1.37 ml) along the Kyriakou Matsi can be found the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (nearby to the University of Nicosia). Founded in 1990, and moving to a new purpose-built premises in 1998, the institute is dedicated to education, training and research into neurological and genetic conditions such as, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

Centre for many embassies

Looking east from the hotel is the centre for many embassies including, those from Greece, Poland, Germany and Russia. Nearby is also the Russian Cultural Centre, and usefully, not far from the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other government departments located in this part of the city, and nearby to the Cyprus Museum, include the Ministries of the Interior, Finance and Health.


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Hypnos by bed N’mix in the city centre of Nicosia!
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Boutique Lifestyle at Best Hotels in Nicosia – Why a Good Night’s Sleep is the Starting Point!

Boutique lifestyle has redefined the simple act of booking a room at Nicosia city centre hotels. The all-important search for a “good night’s sleep” is only the starting point. Of the 500 or more hotels at least across the island, there is a growing number that reflect the rise in a new style of luxury tourism.

In their choice of Nicosia accommodation, the authentic and the personalised are increasingly a must for many Cyprus visitors. Ultimately, it’s at the best hotels in Nicosia that their desire and fulfilment can be as exquisitely matched as each room’s unique design of duvet and pillowcase.

Today’s often culturally curious travellers expect a redefined concept of luxury hotel aesthetic and experience, from the business executive attending a conference or a couple on a romantic weekend away to a family taking their annual vacation. Incredibly, the concept of the boutique hotel has actually been transforming expectations for more than three decades.

Head-turning aesthetic quirkiness

It was back in 1984 that the boutique revolution was said to have started with the opening of Morgan’s Hotel on Madison Avenue, New York. In a dramatic break from a tradition grown formulaic and dull the totally refurbished building offered head-turning aesthetic quirkiness served with personalised service attention, and a new-look cuisine.

The approach immediately took off. In the intervening years, boutique lifestyle hotels spread around the globe, not least, in Cyprus, where they continue to boost the island’s growing stature among a range of international business sectors, particularly in luxury travel. The entire tourist industry generates more than 15 per cent of the country’s GDP, which is estimated could rise to 25 per cent over the long-term. Worldwide, tourism is forecast to grow by over 6 per cent by 2026 (Amadeus Global Report, 2016).

Desire to connect with the meaningful

For the experienced frequent traveller, the meaning of “luxury” in hotel accommodation has shifted to a desire to inhabit and connect with the authentic and meaningful. The experience often translates to a        “home from home” environment. A distinctive intimacy and warmth is evoked by the unique choice of interior décor of specific theme based rooms, and the carefully placed “statement” furniture, ornaments, images and cultural artefacts.

Yet, boutique luxury is more than an uber chic hotel space with a compact number of select rooms, all sleekly fashioned elegance to a minimalist design. Holistic wellbeing and guest facilities are also perfectly harmonised to guest needs, from a hotel’s healthy eating tariffs, fully equipped gym and beauty spa, to 24 hour and concierge services, and valet parking.


Sleekly fashioned elegance to a minimalist design
Hypnos by bed N’mix in the city centre of Nicosia!
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Cyprus Conference Season – Boutique Nicosia Hotels Prepare

It’s now August, the height of the summer tourist season, and Nicosia accommodation is bustling with holidaymakers. But like the best Nicosia hotels, Hypnos by Bed n’ Mix is busy preparing for the many business delegates who arrive for the autumn conference and exhibition events held in Nicosia, and in other Cyprus cities every year.

From the 1980s and 90s onwards, Cyprus has rapidly evolved to become a recognised global business and services centre for tourism, finance and real estate. Today is estimated to bring in more than three quarters (80 per cent) of the island’s income and employment. Business and economic growth hit nearly 4 per cent in 2018 with the professional services sector achieving an average rise of 6–7 per cent over 24 months.

International investors and researchers

It is no surprise to see a wide range of business events being held across Cyprus. The increasing variety reflect the many business and services sectors that continue to attract international visitors, from investors and entrepreneurs to researchers and academics. Here are just a brief rundown of some of the  business events due in early autumn…

It’s likely that the first “back to school” guests will be booking to attend The International Conference on Language, Education, and Culture to be held at the Lord’s Palace Hotel SPA Casino, Girne (Mon 2 – Fri 6 September). Girne is located in north Cyprus, around 20 kms (12 mls) from central Nicosia). Between 500-1000 delegates are expected to attend. September also sees The Credit Risk Management Conference (Wed 25) at the Hilton Park, Nicosia, in which the latest trends inside – and outside of Cyprus – will be discussed.

Compliance, Supply Chain and Hydrocarbons

On October 4th, the Hilton Park will also be hosting the International Compliance Forum. With around 500 delegates who will hear how organisations can use the application of compliance as a way to give their business a competitive edge. In the same month (Thu 24) the Conference & Exhibition of Supply Chain & Logistics at the Filoxenia Conference Centre, Aglantzia will examine solutions that deliver cost savings in storage and distribution. The Centre is located around 7 kms south east of Nicosia.

It’s anticipated that the Cyprus Summit, taking place on Mon 4 and Tue 5 November, will attract around 1000 attendees. Among the key issues to be discussed is the role that Cyprus can play as significant energy producer as the result of recent exploration into hydrocarbons.

The above brief dip into the autumn schedule of conferences is only the start of a busy season of business events for luxury boutique hotels in Cyprus.

Lifestyle hotels are often the preferred choice for the international executive.
Hypnos by bed N’mix in the city centre of Nicosia!
We are rated as one of the best luxury boutique hotels, in a safe area with total security, 24/7.
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