Traditional Greek Taverna or Modern Bar – Next Door To Most Nicosia Hotels!

Finding “somewhere nice to eat” is not too hard in the Cyprus capital. On whatever street your Nicosia accommodation is located you can’t help but almost step into a cool modern restaurant or a colourful local café at every turn. The best hotels in Nicosia are often next door or just a few moments away from an uber modern European or American bar. However, many holidaymakers staying at Nicosia hotels can often prefer to dine out in the evocative surroundings and atmosphere of a traditional Greek taverna.

If the culturally curious traveller is keen try out at a different eatery every time, then Hypnos by bed N’ Mix is only a short leisurely stroll away from an eclectic mix of eating establishments of all kinds. Most visitors tend to find one or two places offering a menu of dishes and service they enjoyed and will go back to repeat the experience. Here are just a few places to grab that “bite to eat”, which are all close by to the hotel.

Achillion – grilled Cyprus specialty dishes

A one minute walk away on the same street and probably the nearest taverna is the Achillion. A wide selection of quality cooked, grilled Cyprus specialty dishes is on the menu at a reasonable price and prompt service. It also boasts a fireplace, which is unlikely to be needed during a typical Nicosia summer of around 30-40c!

Karpasia Tavern “little delicacies”

Around the corner on Lamprou Katsoni, and directly opposite an 800 year old church, is the Karpasia Tavern, which comes highly recommended for its Meze, which means “little delicacies”. Most tavernas tend to offer a choice of seafood Meze or meat Meze or mixed. A traditional Cypriot Meze can run to as many as 30 small plates of savoury dips and vegetables, and a wide range of fish and meat dishes.

Il Bacaro -a “taste of Italy in Old Nicosia”

Not content with sampling Greek cuisine while on the island, the inquisitive traveller may let their tastebuds wander further around the Mediterranean, which usually means Italian cuisine. A five to ten minute walk away is Wine bar and restaurant, Il Bacaro – a “taste of Italy in Old Nicosia”. Its a buzzy but cosy atmosphere with friendly staff and a variety of home-made dishes, including pizza and a wide selection of wines.

Healthy-Eating, Sushi and Fresh Fish Dishes

Taking the Mediterranean diet to the next level is the focus on exclusively healthy-eating, of course, and ‘Olives and Burgers Healthy Café’ is one of a number of outlets in Cyprus also offering vegan as well as vegetarian options. Fancy a buffet lunch? Then, the ‘Aperitivo Jetset Lounge’ which doubles as a music venue could be the ideal stopping-off place to relax with a wide choice of sushi and a large salad selection.

If seafood is your thing, then the ‘Paragadi’ is a Mediterranean fish restaurant with a great gourmet menu of fresh fish dishes, such as red mullet ceviche followed by homemade, traditional Cypriot desserts made with fresh fruit.

Lunch or Evening meal? You’re only a few steps away from a traditional Cyprus taverna!
Hypnos by bed N’mix in the city centre of Nicosia
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Nicosia Accommodation – Never Too Far From Global Brands and Souvenir Shopping!

“Going shopping!” There’s always one morning or afternoon during a vacation when holidaymakers are focused on a spell of serious souvenir buying. It could also involve a boutique item or a fashion brand spotted nearby to their Nicosia accommodation. Whether buying for themselves, a keepsake for the home or gifts for family members, Nicosia offers an abundance of stores positively overflowing with items of every description and price tag.

Naturally, many Nicosia city centre hotels will be nestled in a main thorough-fare amongst clusters of souvenir shops and everyday grocery stores.

Home-grown Cypriot souvenirs

Laiki Geitonia, for example, is the renowned, pedestrianised tourist shopping centre in old Nicosia, east of Lidras Street, its narrow winding alleys branching out between Aristocyprou and Praxandrou Street, nearby to Eleftheria square. Their sandstone and mudbrick buildings date from the 18th century, which today is a fascinating treasure trove of home-grown Cypriot souvenirs, craft shop goods and traditional Greek embroidery. There are also many cafes, bars and restaurants for relaxing and taking a break from the rigours of window browsing.

Major shopping precinct in the centre of Nicosia

Those seeking the glitz and glamour of modern boutiques and fashion brands are likely to be drawn to Makarios Avenue, a major shopping precinct in the centre of Nicosia.

Named after the first President of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios III, the Avenue stretches 2 kms from Evagoras Avenue to Aglandjia Avenue, and is filled with hundreds of fashion shops, boutiques and high-end international department stores, including City Plaza, said to be the biggest department store in Cyprus. Makarios Avenue is also home to the Galaxias Arcade, the largest covered walkway or Greek “Stoa”.

Expensive high end retail

Those visitors seeking more luxury lifestyle may care to stroll down Stasikratous Street, which is found behind Makarios Avenue at the intersection of Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue. Inevitably compared to 5th Avenue in New York and Bond Street in London, the once ordinary Stasikratous Street is now transformed into one of the most expensive high end retail areas in Nicosia featuring global brands including Louis Vuitton, Armani and Max Mara, as well as many regional luxury jewellers and porcelain brands.

Desirable designer brands

Another popular shopping destination is The Mall of Cyprus. With its shiny new ‘futuristic’ makeover, The Mall is the first of it’s kind in Cyprus to merge the world’s most desirable designer brands, shopping convenience and leisure within a palatial setting.

Located in the modern shopping complex of Shacolas Emporium Park, The Mall boasts a huge variety of retail outlets, which mix both international and local brands such as Zara, Public, Intersport, Sklavenitis, Starbucks and McDonalds, as well as the K-Cineplex and extensive food court of cafes, bars and restaurants.

Clearly, going shopping in Nicosia could extend to more than one morning or afternoon!

Whether you’re searching for a family gift or a simple souvenir…
Hypnos by bed N’mix in the city centre of Nicosia!
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Boutique Coco-Mat “Sleep System” – The Ultimate Experience of Mythic God Hypnos!

During the height of a sweltering Cyprus summer, typically at around 40C, everyone prefers to be simply taking it easy on the beach or by the pool. However, the best hotels in Nicosia will be busy forward-planning their business bookings. Not least, Hypnos by bed N’ Mix.

The main conference and exhibition season is only a couple of months away now. However, there will still be some companies and organisations, from Europe and around the world, who have only just started making final preparations to secure their Nicosia accommodation. After long flights and busy days crammed into impossibly short schedules, the focus is naturally on those precious moments of “downtime” in calm, relaxed surroundings – and a great night’s sleep!

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Ultimate symbol of sleep and relaxation

In the age of the “boutique” and the “concept” hotel the discerning business and executive traveller definitely expects accommodation that can offer evocative decor and rich experiences. How alluring then, is the mythic Greek god, Hypnos and the divine promise of definitive luxury sleep?

Hypnos is described as the ‘symbol of sleep’, itself. Portrayed in the original Greek texts as a young man with wings affixed to his temples or shoulders, Hypnos lived in a cave where the entrance was filled with poppies and other sleep-inducing plants. Moreover, the young god was also married to Pasithea, a goddess of hallucination or relaxation.

Back in the real world of hotel accommodation, the ultimate symbol of sleep and relaxation is of course, the bed. There may not be a more natural and powerful sleep-inducing experience than the boutique Coco-Mat “sleep system” at Hypnos bed N’mix.

Three separate mattresses of different thicknesses

Coco-Mat and luxury are two interwoven concepts serving the environmentally-aware in the modern Greek world of the best boutique hotel accommodation. The “sleep-system” consists of a base mattress with a wooden frame topped with three separate mattresses of different thicknesses. The layers comprise horsehair from Mongolia, dried seaweed from Greece (to reduce humidity), and a thin goose-down from China for the top-mattress that can also double as a duvet.

Further ‘elemental’ support from the world of physics prevents exposure to magnetic fields that can sometimes disturb sleep. Coils of ‘natural’ rubber attached to a base of wooden slats replace the metal springs of a traditional mattress. Further refinements include Coco-mat pillows, bed linen, towels and wooden furniture. The business of sleep, designed for business!

Tucked quietly away in Ayios Dometios, Hypnos by bed N’mix in the city centre of Nicosia!
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Nicosia Accommodation Near Ermou Street – Ancient River Path to Cyprus Cultural Heritage!

A river once ran through Nicosia old city, following almost exactly the same route as the Green Line – the UN buffer zone, which now separates the north from the south of the capital. Many of the Nicosia city centre hotels, including Hypnos bed N’ mix will not be far from this ancient river path, known today as Ermou street.

But wherever your Nicosia accommodation is located, the culturally curious and those happy to leave their sunloungers for a while may wish to step back in time and walk down Ermou Street to discover arts, crafts and culture dating back two centuries.

Diverted around the city walls

At a total length of 98 km, the Pedieos is the longest river in Cyprus. Its source may be found high up in the Troodos Mountains, at an altitude of about 900m, close by to the 12th century Machairas Monastery. From where it flows northeast across the Mesaoria plains of central Cyprus, and onto Nicosia. Up until the time when Cyprus was part of the Republic of Venice (1489 – 1571), the river ran straight through old Nicosia before it was diverted around the present city walls, heading east to join the sea at Famagusta Bay near the ancient city of Salamis.

Ermou street – or Hermes street – was originally called by its Turkish name Chinar (“plane tree”). It runs from the north end of Ledra Street and into Ektoros Street to the east, and was also once the backbone of the city’s key marketplaces. During the 1940s and 50s, the thoroughfare was the capital’s centre of trade, filling every space with all types of manufacturers and small businesses, such as shoe shops, car repairs, carpenters, factories, dyes and textiles shops.

Preserved cultural heritage

After a period of decline, in more recent times the area has been given a makeover with many of its old buildings restored along with several stores, bars and bookshops. Once again, it’s possible to see and be immersed in the many small and diverse workshops where craftsmen are once again busy working with traditional materials and tools.

A significant new building is the Centre of Visual Arts & Research, opened in September 2014, which offers visitors an opportunity to explore in fascinating detail the preserved cultural heritage of Cyprus and its communities between 18th-20th century through art, books and photographs. More than 5,000 books on Cyprus and the Near East are available in many different languages, and thousands of unpublished photos from 1880-1950, plus the development of Cypriot costumes alongside Ottoman and British memorabilia.

Discovering the capital, or simply taking in the sights?
Hypnos by bed N’mix in the city centre of Nicosia!

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