The Differences Between Boutique Hotels and Chain Hotels

Boutique hotels are now becoming more popular than ever, especially among adventurous tourists. In fact, its popularity rivals even that of chain hotels. People are starting to choose boutique hotels over chain hotels for many reasons. Some want the chance to try something different while others just want to cut some costs as boutique hotels are known to be cheaper than chain hotels.
Either way, a boutique hotel can be a great alternative to a regular hotel. This article will list down the differences between the two types of hotels so you can decide for yourself which one you prefer.

Number of Rooms

As boutique hotels tend to be smaller than chain hotels, they will most likely have fewer rooms. If you like to have your privacy in a place where people won’t bother you as much, you may prefer a boutique hotel over a large and crowded hotel. That being said, do note that the small number of rooms means that it may be more difficult for you to look for an available room during your trip.

Style of Rooms

When it comes to the design, clear differences between chain hotels and boutique hotels can be seen. Chain hotels usually keep the same style across the rooms while boutique hotels may offer themed design for each of their rooms. For boutique hotels, you have the freedom to choose the room that suits your style the most. If you want to stay in a simplistic and minimalistic room, however, a chain hotel may be your best option. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to experience a different kind of accommodation, then you may want a room at a boutique hotel of your choosing.

The Location

It is quite obvious that chain hotels are easy to find as they are everywhere on the map. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for boutique hotels. While there are some boutique hotels out there that are located right at the center of their respective tourist spots, many others are still hiding in secret alleys, which makes it quite hard to spot without any prior research.

The Use of Furniture

Some, but not all, boutique hotels hold some pieces of furniture that may have existed even before you were born. This can be seen as vintage to some people but rustic to others, depending on personal preference. As for chain hotels, their furniture is usually brand new with simple, minimal designs. In the end, it all comes down to what you prefer.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

Everyone is different, and we all have our own ideas of taste and style. What you prefer may not necessarily be something that another would want. Thus, it all depends on whether you would want to stay at a boutique hotel or at a chain hotel of the place of your destination. The most important thing that you must do before you book your accommodation is to do some research for more information. Even after you’ve made your decision of what type of hotel you want to stay at, you still want to choose among the hotels to find the one that you know you will enjoy.

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Small Details That Will Enhance Your Boutique Hotel in Nicosia

Any hotel can look great, but for those who pay great attention to detail, it is much better to have smaller details that tie together the whole aesthetic of the environment. You want your boutique hotel to capture the eye of every onlooker and each person passing by. Want to really make an impact?

There are some small things that you can add to your boutique hotel to make everyone take notice and to please the eyes of those looking for detail. Let’s take a look!

High Quality

A boutique hotel has to pay attention to quality. This is one big thing that is composed of many little things. Every service and resource should be of good quality. This includes your staff, who will be the ones to make or break a customer’s experience. Friendly customer service and high-quality products will show the customers that you care. Keeping everything clean and comforting-looking will be a constant priority but will be worth it for each and every one of your customers to have a great stay.

Looking at Thread Count

Thread count may seem like just a number, but when it comes to quality, it’s something that your customer will feel. Whether or not they know the exact thread count, when they notice the different feeling of that high-quality cloth or fabric, they know how much attention you paid to their rooms. Soft, seamless cotton sheets are an indication of quality and attention to detail. Boutique hotels should bring a new appreciation for high-quality fabrics.

Whether it’s in the form of bathrobes, towels, tablecloths, or anything else, make sure you are paying attention to the quality of all the items you buy for your hotel.

Furnishing with Style

Boutique hotels must understand historical pieces and the art of furniture. The little extra attention to decoration detailing will add a little something special to your hotel. A contemporary painting, a vintage lamp, or even artistic seating can go a long way in a boutique lobby.

Knick Knacks

Collecting smaller pieces will add some personality to your boutique hotel. You want to make sure these little items add to your own personal taste. Adding a little personal touch to your hotel will make it feel like a connection between you and your guests. Small vases, candles, or intricate lampshades are a great way to spice up the room. Little figurines or statues can add a little bit of a vintage feel to the room as well.


You want to really make sure your kitchen staff is passionate about what they are making and putting out to your guests. Decoration doesn’t just apply to rooms; you can definitely decorate a plate of food. Even just a small effort to personalize your recipes and make sure your food tastes as good as it looks will be noticeable by the detailed eye – and tongue!

Eating spaghetti with a little garnishing as well as some sprinkled herbs carefully placed on a plate will make for a great picture and an amazing experience. Desserts are the most fun to decorate because there is so much room for creativity. Assorted colourful macarons on a silver platter or small cupcakes articulately decorated will definitely make for an unforgettable dining experience that your guests can enjoy.

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Boutique Hotels – What Makes Them So Special

With cool designs and warm, personalized service, boutique hotels are in trend in this modern century.  Whether you’re a business traveler or a family on vacation, these properties are ideal for those who like their stay to be a memorable experience rather than just a bed for the night.

A destination that upholds the local culture

Boutique hotels have carved out their own place in the fast-paced world of business travel. They have become a place to engage with the local culture, a place that celebrates style, and a place to make beautiful memories. A boutique hotel usually has less than 50 rooms. However, there are larger independent properties that also pride themselves on offering a private atmosphere and warm service.

Lifestyle foundations

Influenced by modern culture and lifestyle, boutique hotels gained traction during the mid-1980s. This new type of hotels embraced the ground-breaking concept of “cheap chic,” which meant affordable luxury in a sophisticated and stylish environment. Private hotel owners dominated the boutique hotel scene for a long time before the larger hotel chains followed suit and started to introduce their “lifestyle hotels.”

Individuality is the hallmark

Every boutique hotel is one of a kind with a unique design and flair. Distinctive, chic, and sometimes even quirky, these properties can be anything from charming historical buildings to modern properties influenced by the local art, culture, and history. Everything from the external facade to the locally-oriented artwork, dining, furnishings, and social spaces carry a distinctive character. The staff are attentive and hospitable, willing to provide customized service to each guest.

Variety of guests

If you thought that the boutique and lifestyle hotel market was confined to just one niche market segment, you are wrong. These properties are popular with all sorts of customers ranging from seasoned executive travelers to the young crowd, due to the competitive prices that they offer. Guests can include business travelers, a family on holiday, and even the odd celebrity.


While the majority of boutique hotels are historical buildings, even the new properties exude a strong character through their innovative design that reflects the local culture. This atmosphere is created not only by the ambiance, decor, and theme but also by the professional warmth and welcoming disposition that the hotel staff display.


Probably the best part about a boutique property is its individuality. A real boutique hotel strives to break away from the standard norms and create its own identity. Many boutique properties partner with acclaimed bartenders, disc jockeys, and local chefs. While some offer themed rooms, top-line or exclusive locally made bathroom amenities, some even offer environmental sustainability for the environment-conscious traveler.


Boutique hotels are chic and luxurious yet have rates that are often more flexible than standard hotels. Boutique hotels have lobbies and cocktail bars as well. These spaces can either be relaxed and intimate or hip and happening, which is further accentuated with beautiful artwork and music. The rooms often have designer or locally crafted furniture and the latest gadgets ranging from in-house iPods to funky espresso machines. What more can you ask for?

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Defining Features that Every Small Luxury Hotel Should Aim For

When we say “luxury hotel,” it’s not very difficult to imagine what the facility may look like. The decorations should be elegant, classy, and welcoming, and the staff members are expected to be professional, friendly, and forthcoming. You should also be able to expect great food and services from these places.


There isn’t a doubt that staying in a place like this should be an amazing experience. A luxury hotel isn’t usually known to be small, so when we hear someone says “small luxury hotel,” it can be quite confusing. How can a hotel be luxurious if it feels small and cramped? How do we know if the service is going to be as good if there aren’t that many staff members? How can a small facility have a great kitchen and amenities?


These are the questions many people ask when they hear about a small hotel, and these are all fair questions. If you’re not sure whether or not a small luxury hotel exists, let us tell you that it absolutely does. In this article, we’ll talk about the defining features of a small luxury hotel and its benefits. For those who are skeptical of the idea of staying in a small hotel, this article may very well change your mind!

boutique hotel in Nicosia
Fast and Efficient Services

First things first – a truly luxurious hotel has to be very efficient with every process. It has to be quick and precise, and the service quality has to be on point as well. The service quality is what many small hotels pride themselves on, as that’s one of the main benefits of a smaller establishment — staff members are able to tend to each guest more personally and effectively. A small hotel only needs a handful of well-trained staff to operate. This means that the communication between each department should be faster and more efficient than a big hotel where everything has to go through reception first. The ease of communication will allow every employee to relay messages and carry out tasks a lot faster and more effectively.

Smart Interior Design

A small hotel has less space to work with, so the interior designer has to be very crafty with their furnishing choices. The decoration and appliances in the rooms have to be space-efficient, which means that if the designer can combine things together and utilize vertical real estate, each room will feel more spacious and less claustrophobic.

Accommodate the Guests’ Needs

A small hotel has to pick and choose their amenities wisely, as they don’t have a lot of rooms to work with. For example, if most of the guests are business executives and entrepreneurs, the hotel may want to include more meeting rooms than a swimming pool, as that’s something that the guests will need. The hotel may also offer babysitting services, bike rentals, or even tour booking if that’s what the guests are looking for.

Unique Dining Experience

For a small hotel to stay ahead of the competition, they need to have a distinct attraction that separates them from their competitors. Having an exclusive restaurant is one of the best ways to do this, as the exclusivity factor alone is enough to attract a lot of guests. Being able to dine at a restaurant that’s fully booked for half the year can give the guests a sense of achievement, and that will entice them to come back in the future.


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